Blurb at
Clerkenwell Design Week


In the second movie in our series we filmed at pop-up stores during Clerkenwell Design Week, UK director of self-publishing platform Blurb Teresa Pereira talks about how designers are bypassing traditional publishing houses and using the internet to create, publish and sell their own books.

She explains how publishing on demand from the internet provides designers with the tools to produce books quickly and cost effectively compared to traditional publishing.

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  • Rob

    This whole piece is deeply misleading as to the shape of the industry as it stands and incomers’ ability to challenge the power players.

    What keeps the big publishers in charge is their gatekeeping of sales through control of mass production, distribution and marketing, which this model doesn’t challenge in the least.

    £7.95 base as affordable? Please. Add in mailout, costs for marketing and chasing shops to stock and pay back, plus the retail percentage and then you have the real figure, which will go up against big publishers offering similar for half the price with an overwhelming advertising pull.

    As for taking out the middle man to get to market, nonsense. Most independent bookshops are already gone, leaving just a few major players and the online sellers who have absolutely no interest in marketing you.

    Internet-enabled on demand printing isn’t going to change the face of the industry, it’s simply applying a package holiday ethos to vanity publishing.

  • This is the same opinion of famous writer Paulo Coelho. interview here