Simple Convenience iron
by Laura Nelson

Simple Convenience by Laura Nelson

British product designer and recent graduate Laura Nelson has come up with a hinged iron based on a set of hair straighteners.

Simple Convenience by Laura Nelson

The slimline iron has two hot surfaces that clamp the fabric to iron it flat, just as hair straighteners smooth down strands of hair.

Simple Convenience by Laura Nelson

"I'm acknowledging behavioural habits by focusing on panels and sections of garments, such as collars and sleeves," says Nelson. The angular shape of the iron makes it easy to use on small areas and narrow spaces between buttons.

Simple Convenience by Laura Nelson

Nelson recently graduated from the Product and Furniture Design course at Kingston University in London.

Simple Convenience by Laura Nelson

She will be showcasing her work during London Design Festival at Variant, an exhibition in the Gallery on Redchurch Street, E2 7DP, between 18 – 23 September.

Simple Convenience by Laura Nelson

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Here's some more text from the designer:

Simple Convenience

An iron that accommodates a busy lifestyle, eliminating the need for an ironing board.

Features include three heat settings in accordance with universal ironing symbols. Two aluminium plates apply pressure to both sides of the fabric through a hinging mechanism. A heat resistant sleeve allows the iron to be stored away neatly immediately after use.

  • Robin

    I can see people getting their hands stuck in here for torture. Not sure how this is quicker than using an iron? From experience a good steam iron is the quickest way of ironing clothing.

  • Jenny

    Yeah, so you can iron collars as illustrated… and maybe cuffs. “I’m acknowledging behavioural habits” – clearly not; most people either iron a garment or then don’t – not half and half.

    Yet another pretty-but-pointless design feature from Dezeen.

  • emma

    Amazing intervention.

  • maa

    I actually know someone who irons her shirts with a hair straightener.

  • Chelsea

    Girls have been doing this for years with hair straighteners already – basically the same product.

  • That looks great, I could do with one.