by Nendo


Japanese designers Nendo have built an enormous woodland nesting box with 78 entrances for birds on one side and one big door for humans on the other (+ slideshow).

Bird-apartment by Nendo

The treehouse was built for observing birds at the Momofuku Ando nature centre in Komoro, in Japan's Nagano Prefecture.

People can reach the Bird-apartment by climbing up a ladder and through a circular hole.

Bird-apartment by Nendo

Spy holes across the back wall of the apartment allow a discreet view into the 78 bird boxes on the other side.

Bird-apartment by Nendo

We've featured lots of treehouses on Dezeen, including a giant weaver bird's nest in Dartmoor, UK, and a tree-top hotel in northern Sweden.

Bird-apartment by Nendo

Other designs by Nendo we've featured include a tote bag with a pop-out hand puppet and a set of unstable furniture that has to be balanced by books and cups.

Bird-apartment by Nendo

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Bird-apartment by Nendo

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Bird-apartment by Nendo

  • Waney Edge

    Smarty pants.

  • sara

    Cheeky: I like it.

  • I like the concept but I have reservations about the safety measures for this birdhouse apartment. Japan has an aging population and I doubt the elderly will be buying those. Maybe the spring chickens will consider.

  • It can only happen in Japan, a country whose philosophy of life is respect.

  • What a wonderful idea to encourage a harmless human-nature relationship.