PLAY Project
by Ka-Lai Chan


Dutch designer Ka-Lai Chan has wrapped a whole wall, furniture and ornaments behind an all-encompassing layer of sticky tape at an abandoned apartment in Utrecht.

PLAY Project by Ka-Lai Chan

The installation was one of ten created earlier this year by artists and designers in a building set to be demolished to make way for a new housing development.

PLAY Project by Ka-Lai Chan

Chan took over one wall in the living room and covered picture frames, a table, a chair, a clock and a telephone beneath the white tape.

PLAY Project by Ka-Lai Chan

She claims her inspiration for the project was the way people "adapt to society" by trying to fit in, but also want to reveal their own identities.

PLAY Project by Ka-Lai Chan

"The tape makes everything the same," Chan told Dezeen. "Object and wall are merged and belong together, but the objects are also rising out of the wall and want to stand out."

PLAY Project by Ka-Lai Chan

Curators Niels Janssen, Felice Mul and Wilke Heijnen coordinated the PLAY Project within the Eiland8 development area at the invitation of developers Mitros and Portaal.

PLAY Project by Ka-Lai Chan

London designer Dominic Wilcox created a similar installation last year, when he coated every item and surface inside an abandoned office with white paint.

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    One of the best installations I have seen! Love the idea of wrapping everything in tape. Makes it look mysterious, almost dead.