V4 vases by
Seung-Yong Song


London Design Festival: delicate flowers and foliage are protected by the steel cages around these concrete vases by Korean designer Seung-Yong Song.

V4 vases by Seung Yong Sung

The V4 collection comprises four differently shaped vases, each with a thin walnut base.

V4 vases by Seung Yong Sung

"Lightness and heaviness, lines and lumps, smoothness and roughness, coldness and warmth – all materials and forms balance through the course of colliding and confronting within one volume," says Song.

V4 vases by Seung Yong Sung

The vases were showcased by design company Design To Do at the 100% Design trade show during the recent London Design Festival, as part of an exhibition organised by the Korea Institute for Design Promotion.

V4 vases by Seung Yong Sung

We previously featured a collection of furniture by Song, which included chairs that double as ladders, beds or rocking chairs.

V4 vases by Seung-Yong Song

Dezeen hosted a series of talks with designers and creatives at 100% Design this year, including a discussion with Yves Behar on skeuomorphic design.

V4 vases by Seung-Yong Song

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  • Joe Hayes

    Where can they be purchased in US?

  • Jenny Stein

    Looks like the love child(ren) of Jaime Hayon’s Grid Family vases for Gaia + Gino and BarberOsgerby’s Lanterne Marine vases for Venini. Not necessarily a bad thing as I think this latest iteration of vases stands on its own, even when viewed alongside the others (the initial reaction of “seen that/been there” notwithstanding).

  • BBO

    We should not support a designer like this. His works are not original!

    He should respect other designer’s ideas.

  • TRB
  • Esse

    No doubt the design has quality, but I agree with BBO: there is a lack of originality that makes it very questionable.