Landscape of the Year announced
at World Architecture Festival


World Architecture Festival 2012: the Kallang River Bishan Park in Singapore by landscape designers Atelier Dreiseitl has been given the title Landscape of the Year at the World Architecture Festival (+ slideshow).

Kallang River Bishan Park by Atelier Dreiseitl

A river winds through the centre of the park, replacing a concrete-sided canal, and features bio-engineered edges created with a variety of different plants.

Kallang River Bishan Park by Atelier Dreiseitl

This river also forms a flood plan during heavy rain, helping water to drain away naturally and preventing the grassy areas from becoming waterlogged.

Kallang River Bishan Park by Atelier Dreiseitl

A new bridge connects the park with the residential area beyond.

Kallang River Bishan Park by Atelier Dreiseitl

We’ve also announced winners for World Building of the Year and Future Project of the Year, as well as all the category winners from day one and day two.

Kallang River Bishan Park by Atelier Dreiseitl

Dezeen is media partner for the World Architecture Festival, which is taking place at the Marina Bay Sands hotel and conference centre in Singapore. You can follow all our coverage of the event here, including a series of movies we filmed with programme director Paul Finch.

  • Namerro S

    Not referring to any specific award, but is the WAF an inside job? You have the event hosted in Singapore, and there’s a long roster of awards coming from one single country alone. One has got to wonder… why not let Singapore just win everything for all categories? This is all too fishy.

  • Gina

    @Namerro S
    Its actually quite funny to look at the panel of judges and compare to the winning projects! All you had to do was judge the WAF and your project (or PROJECTS) won!

    Gardens by the Bay winning this year was SO OBVIOUS. The formula for winning this year: London based WAF organization plus London based architects plus Singapore based event plus project in Singapore equals WORLD BUILDING OF THE YEAR.

    Just like last year, the world building of the year "Media-TIC" was located down the street from the event in Barcelona. Before you all go home to your respective countries, make sure to to stop by this year's "WORLD BUILDING"

    Next year, if your project is not located in the city of your "Entered and Shortlisted" building, then you can save yourself the airfare and hotel and watch WAF's twitter account from your smartphone!

    And one last thing, since when did architecture have to turn this corrupt to make money and draw attention to themselves? Are we THAT DESPERATE? REALLY?

    Sorry dezeen but you happily supported this, I'm done reading your "funded" content.

    • awteck

      No one could have said this any better!

  • WebsterW

    If a project like this is capable of winning the Landscape of the Year award, then God help us- and the landscape architecture profession. Either the standard is too low, or the organizers are pandering to the host city. Either way, the jury is rigged!

  • Frm Singapore

    Don’t give it to us. We are insulted too.

  • Frm Singapore

    There are definitely more deserving projects.

  • anonymous

    I think this project isn’t about looking fancy and having the aesthetic wow-factor like the Gardens by the Bay project, but emphasised more on issues like sustainability and the environment. Having seen what it looked like before with the unsightly concrete canal I think they did a great job. And it actually looks natural and not over designed.

    Just my thought after seeing all the negative comments.

  • Marc

    I must say this is one of the best projects I have seen in my 30 years of profession as a landscape architect. This is no show, this is a sustainable concept! Well done guys.

  • guest

    I hate to go against the whole corruption thing in the top comments and I can assume there might have been more impressive landscaping this year which didn’t enter this contest but from what I’ve seen on the shortlist this really is the best pick. Others offered some impressive kitsch or “modern” but what these guys did with a river that seemed ruined for ever is highly inspiring and worth every praise! Hope to see more projects like this in the upcoming years, bravo!