First photographs of Eli and Edythe Broad
Art Museum by Zaha Hadid unveiled


News: Michigan State University has unveiled the first photographs of its Zaha Hadid-designed museum of contemporary art, which opens to the public next month.

Eli and Edythe Broad Museum by Zaha Hadid

Featuring a pleated stainless steel facade, the Eli and Edythe Broad Art Museum stands in contrast to the brick buildings of the university's Collegiate Gothic north campus.

Eli and Edythe Broad Museum by Zaha Hadid

Zaha Hadid won a competition in 2008 to design the museum, which contains 1600 square metres of exhibition space, alongside an education wing, study centre, cafe, shop and outdoor sculpture garden. The three-storey building has one basement floor and features double-height galleries for showing modern art, photography, new media and works on paper.

The museum opens on 9 November with the inaugural exhibitions Global Groove 1973/2012, an exploration into current trends in video art, and In Search of Time, which investigates the relationship to time and memory in art.

See images of the competition-winning design for the museum in our story from 2008, or see images of the final design in our most recent update.

Other new projects by Zaha Hadid include a pop-up hair salon in London and a streamlined government building in Montpellier.

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Photography is by Paul Warchol.

  • Guess you can call this “architecture with teeth”!

  • Wessel

    Somehow the word “shark” pops into my mind.

  • sor perdida

    Damn sexy, apparently. Should have teased us with some interior shots as well.

  • Greenish

    Am I the only person who sees a giant, angular shark?! :)

  • JuiceMajor

    Great design but the detailing is sh*t as always!

  • Owen Wilson

    Yes, I like the air handling unit, very nice. Do you have any pictures of the museum though?

  • Big. Square. Shark. I love it.

  • Ajp

    Looks terrible! Zaha Hadid is overrated.

  • Creative and fresh.

  • DMJ

    Bingo – all of a sudden I’m one of her fans. Love it.

  • Santiago

    This would be perfect as a "Jaws" museum!

  • xxx

    Trailer home meets displacement map.

  • IDM

    Hideous. Appalling. Shocking that anyone thinks this is good. Enough of Hadid’s monstrosities. Why does she hate us so much? Pritzker? You have to be kidding! Liked the comment about the air handling unit though.

  • What on earth was Hadid thinking?! It's amateurish and just plain horrid.

  • Camilla

    Looks like a dead whale.

  • You

    Feels like it’s saying “danger, nuclear waste storage”.

  • Willem

    It's giant Gillette multiple razor heads slammed together.

  • Matt