"Turkey has learnt how to be in a crisis"
- Murat Tabanlıoğlu on Bodrum Airport


World Architecture Festival 2012: Murat Cengiz Tabanlıoğlu of Tabanlıoğlu Architects says that Turkey has one of the fastest-growing economies in the world because they have "learnt how to be in a crisis," in this interview we filmed about the firm's airport project that topped the transport category at this year's World Architecture Festival.

Bodrum International Airport by Tabanlioglu Architects

Turkey's economy expanded by 8.5% last year, which this week prompted the organiser of the inaugural Istanbul Design Biennial to declare that the nation "needs good design more than other countries," and Bodrum International Airport is one of many projects to emerge from this period of rapid development.

Bodrum International Airport by Tabanlioglu Architects

The building has a steel and glass structure with large column-free spaces and clear signage to direct passengers around the terminal. "The main idea was to make a very simple airport," explained Tabanlıoğlu. "Its just a massive box and then a big glass bridge looking to the north where the aeroplanes are coming in".

Bodrum International Airport by Tabanlioglu Architects

The architect also discusses the sustainability of designing a "summer resort" airport. "The envelope was very important," he explains, before describing the natural ventilation and cooling systems in place. He cites a naturally ventilated house as a precedent and says: "We are learning from small scales to try and go to the bigger scales."

Bodrum International Airport by Tabanlioglu Architects

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  • Wow! What a beautiful airport. It's so open and looks so different from other airports.

  • At this stage I don't even think Turkey will enjoy entering to the EU. They are performing extremely well in all economic aspects.

  • Please note: the interview is with Murat Tabanlioglu, the principal of Tabalioglu Architects, not Murat Cengiz, the senior and project architect.

  • Whoops! Thanks for pointing that out, we’re correcting it now.