Maker of London cabs goes
into administration


Maker of London black cabs goes into administration

News: the company that makes London's famous taxis, Manganese Bronze Holdings, is going into administration having failed to make a profit since 2007.

The Coventry-based firm made the announcement on Monday when it became clear it couldn't secure a loan from Chinese shareholder Geely. The news follows the suspension of the firm's shares and the recall of 400 vehicles earlier this month due to a fault with the steering box.

Under the name London Taxi Company, Manganese Bronze Holdings still designs taxis using a similar basic structure to the first black cab from 1948 but has recently faced competition from the Vito by Mercedes-Benz and the NV200 London Taxi by Nissan that's due to be available to London taxi drivers soon. Read more in our earlier story.

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  • pjg

    Surely this is the time for a competition? Newson, et al – its time to sharpen the pencil.

  • Taxi for London Taxi

    The design became iconic because it was the best solution at the time, as was the Routemaster bus. Unfortunately nostalgia doesn’t cut it in the face of superior products. Complacency and lack of innovation and investment has been the death of many UK manufacturers, sadly.

    Kenneth Grange penned the most recent iteration but that was painting over the cracks of the old underpinnings that were never really improved, but should have been.

  • It is never easy to reap success when the competition is tough. They should come up with an enhanced design but still retain the overall London Taxi design features. I think that would be an even more profitable project to market. When everyone else is the same, you should stand out and be unique to attract even more business.