Architecture for Dogs
curated by Kenya Hara


Design Miami: architects and designers including Kengo Kuma, Toyo Ito, Shigeru Ban, MVRDV and Konstantin Grcic have designed a series of downloadable architectural structures that are just for dogs (+ slideshow).

Architecture for Dogs

Organised by Kenya Hara, the creative director of MUJI, Architecture for Dogs is set to launch next week as an open-source network where dog-owners can download the templates for each of the thirteen designs, then build them for themselves.

Architecture for Dogs

Each designer was asked to think up a structure that would alter the way that people interact with their pet, so Atelier Bow-Wow have designed a ramp for a daschund (above) that helps it make eye contact with its owner, in spite of its short legs. "We thought about stairs, but their bodies are too long and they risk hurting their hips," said the architects, explaining their design for a folding slope.

Architecture for Dogs

Meanwhile, Konstantin Grcic has designed a mirror for a poodle (above), as apparently it is the only dog that can recognise its own reflection.

Architecture for Dogs

Shigeru Ban has used his trademark cardboard tubes to create a maze for a papillon (above), while Sou Fujimoto has recreated the scaffolding-like structure of his House NA project in Tokyo in his house for a Boston terrier (below).

Architecture for Dogs

Sanaa's Kayuzo Sajima came up with a design for a fluffy white cushion (below) that matches the fur of the bichon frisé.

Architecture for Dogs

"Bichons love soft surfaces and snuggling into large blankets," said Sajima. "The typical space designed for dogs in the interior of a house is at the convenience of the human and is frequently a cage-like container you keep in the dark corner of a room. This design however is a warm, inviting version of that crate."

Architecture for Dogs

Kengo Kuma has devised a system of wooden components (above) that can be used to construct a hill, which a pug can either sit inside or climb up onto.

Architecture for Dogs

MVRDV wanted to "give the curious and playful Beagle a space of its own" and have created a gabled kennel (above) that rocks back and forth.

Architecture for Dogs

For a spitz, Hiroshi Naito has created a curving bed of tubes and wooden blocks (above), while Toyo Ito's design is a four-wheeled mobile home for a shiba (below).

Architecture for Dogs

As chihuahuas are known to love burrowing, Reiser + Umemoto thought the best structure for one would be a comfortable outfit (below). "We wanted to create something that would make the dog feel protected and safe," said the architects.

Architecture for Dogs

Other structures include a reimagined hammock by Torafu (below), a staircase in a box by curator Kenya Hara and an upside-down suspended cone by the Hara Design Institute.

Architecture for Dogs

The Architecture for Dogs website is set to launch on 15 November, when people will be encouraged to upload photographs of the structures they've built and share any improvements they've made.

Architecture for Dogs

The structures will also be presented in December as part of Design Miami.

Architecture for Dogs

Other designs for dogs on Dezeen include a special staircase at a house in Vietnam and a combined chair and kennel.

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Photography is by Hiroshi Yoda.

  • mmmhhh

    Sandy in Haiti, job cuts all around, tsunami recovery in Japan (long list made shorter). Then comes “architecture for dogs”. I guess it’s supposed to be entertaining but I can only see selfish amusement from the 1% of architecture.

  • John H

    The chihuahuas [sic] is possibly the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever seen.

  • Malosi

    ^ I agree. The populous should not be allowed to enjoy themselves until all socioeconomic issues are resolved.

    • And that is probably never? :)

  • Pipo

    I like Joep van Lieshout’s doghouse better…

  • Damian

    After watching a few clips involving poodles and mirrors on Youtube, I realize that Konstantin’s research was done by someone as smart as a poodle. Hopefully that person does at least recognize him or herself in the mirror.

  • alec

    These people are in serious need of work, ASAP, but I get the joke.

  • BLightfoot

    Fun and frivolity should be outlawed while there are problems in the world! How dare they!

    • mauro

      OH MY GOD! Yeah, let’s be gloomy. That should resolve all the problems.

  • Helena

    But what about architecture for cats?

  • Bichon owner

    Just enjoy what you see… the creative process!

  • M_woof

    If the dog is happy the human is happy. Woof!

  • Heidi

    I love how bent-outta-shape some people got over this. Socioeconomic issues, tsunami relief – oh please! If that’s what’s really on your mind then shouldn’t you be off your ass, waist-deep in volunteer work, rather than sitting at your computer looking at awesome dog houses?

    Seriously, this stuff is hilarious, creative and I will be building more than one of these.

  • 建築家による犬小屋。これは楽しそう。いい感じ。

  • Veron

    Haters going to hate. Design is here for many reasons and ENTERTAINMENT has its deserved place to help with utility and saving money or time.

    As a student of architecture, I thank you for this report because it makes me smile every time I see it. I realise it’s not only about grey concrete, it’s also about having fun.

  • Henri