iFlash One
by KiBiSi


Product news: this magnetic bicycle light by Danish design studio KiBiSi lights up instantly when its two halves snap together.

iFlash One by KiBiSi

The iFlash One was designed by KiBiSi to meet a new Danish law requiring cyclists to attach their lights securely rather than dangling them off the frame, which had been common.

iFlash One by KiBiSi

When not in use, the front and rear lights connect magnetically into one compact object that can be kept in a pocket or bag.

iFlash One by KiBiSi

Cyclists can choose between a flashing or steady light, which lasts up to 60 hours.

iFlash One by KiBiSi

We've published lots of bicycle accessories on Dezeen, including a pair of jeans with a belt loop that can stow a bike lock and an inflatable helmet that folds down into a scarf.

iFlash One by KiBiSi

Other KiBiSi projects we've featured lately include a desk that can be wound up and down and a sofa that looks like a rolled up mattress.

iFlash One by KiBiSi

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Here's some more information from the designers:

iFlash One is a bike light created for intuitive use and easy storage, accommodating modern day lifestyle on the go. iFlash One uses magnets for easy fastening, effortlessly clicking onto a magnetic base which is permanently fixed to your bikes handlebars or seat post. Once connected the light turns on automatically. When not in use the magnets pair the front and rear unit into one compact object ready for storage in your pocket or bag.

iFlash One by KiBiSi

Colour codes on the front and rear lights indicate placement and opposing magnet directions ensure correct positioning on your bike. iFlash One gives you the possibility of either a flashing or steady light, providing 60 hours of battery life in flashing mode. The integrated wide-angle lens ensures a safe ride while fulfilling the new Danish legal requirements for bicycle lights. Whether you want a perfect match or a little contrast on your two-wheeler, iFlash One has a range of colour options to choose from.

iFlash One by KiBiSi

"iFlash One is designed with a holistic approach, merging light and fitting into one object with an overall and simple DNA. I like that the magnet seems magic. Making safety fun and easy through simple everyday usability has been key in this project," says head of design at KiBiSi, Lars Larsen.

  • cvduring

    Now I know what I want for Christmas ;D

  • Nilas

    Done before and better by another Danish design shop: http://copenhagenparts.com/products/magnetic-bike

    • Lewis

      This version works where the Copenhagen version fell down: not working with aluminium and carbon bikes and scratching your bike with any dirt on the frame. A vast improvement: not a copy.

  • DDD

    Anyone know where to buy these? Following the link from their website takes you to a store that doesn’t seem to stock them.

  • Simon Kynman

    Wow what a fantastic idea. Why didn’t I think of that?!

  • cyle

    Does anyone know what bike they used in the pictures?

  • JuZZ

    That is Biomega bike, but it’s quite awful to ride. It doesn’t have chains; it has a Cardan axle.

  • Kieran

    Knog has been pioneering bike lights/products with silicon coverings for years. When are they going to get an article? These are basically an “improved” version of the Copenhagen Parts lights featured on here a while ago.

  • bigshape

    Looks like a nice product, but why do companies insist on putting the little ‘i’ in front of everything? It’s getting really tiring now.

  • mrmarkjackson

    These lights look beautiful, any idea where I can get one in the UK?

  • SGC

    Since they say you can store these lights in your pocket or your bag, how safe are they with small electronic devices that you may already be storing in your bag or pocket?

  • Franswarp

    What type of batteries do they take?

  • BromM6R

    Iflash customer relations offers promises of international distribution, nothing definite yet. Copenhagen Parts is just now going into production and many Kickstarter backers feel they have been kept waiting too long, FWIW.