V'ammos Restaurant
by LM Architects


Spectators at the stadium of Greek football team Olympiacos can dine overlooking the pitch at a restaurant with an undulating ceiling and a bar made from cooking pots (+ slideshow).

Vammos Restaurant by LM Architects

Designed by Greek studio LM Architects, the V'ammos Restaurant is positioned directly above the stands to give diners a panoramic view into the 32,000-seat Karaiskakis Stadium, located in the south-west of Athens.

Vammos Restaurant by LM Architects

The architects made reference to the stadium's coastal situation by giving the space a wave-like ceiling. "We were inspired by this association and the outcome is the replication of the movement of the sea waves," architects Mariza Angelidi and Lila Galata told Dezeen.

Vammos Restaurant by LM Architects

"The construction was adapted to hide the structural elements and the electromechanical installations, while at the same time allowing access to these units," they added.

V'ammos Restaurant by LM Architects

Around 300 metal cooking pots were stacked up in a line beneath a wooden counter to create the bar at the back of the restaurant.

V'ammos Restaurant by LM Architects

Furniture includes tables with round and square surfaces, designed especially for the restaurant by LM Architects.

V'ammos Restaurant by LM Architects

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V'ammos Restaurant by LM Architects

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V'ammos Restaurant by LM Architects

Photography is by Studio Paterakis.

Here's a project description from LM Architects:

V'ammos Restaurant in Piraeus
Karaiskakis Stadium

The shell that houses the restaurant- Karaiskaki Stadium, which is built over the water, was a benchmark in the design proposal.

V'ammos Restaurant by LM Architects

The wave of the sea that existed in place is introduced in the design of the space in the form of an optically moving roof element. This element, which is the result of parametric design, dominates the environment and gives identity to the restaurant.

V'ammos Restaurant by LM Architects

Strong feature of the composition is the elongated bar, consisted of 300 cooking pots. The bar is an art installation itself, where the identity of the object is lost to highlight the visual impression created by its repetition and correlation in space.

V'ammos Restaurant by LM Architects

The linear layout of the floor plan is framed by successive separate rooms and the overwhelming ambience of the stadium.

V'ammos Restaurant by LM Architects

Total Surface: 300 sq.m.
Design: 2012
Construction: 2012

  • deejaj

    I’d love to sit there and have a meal someday.

  • What a waste of pots. In one single wall, they must have pushed up the price of pans world wide!

  • Marsellus Wallace

    What is the name of that rattan/plastic chair?

    • Hi Marsellus Wallace. As Maria also replied (below) it’s a Cyborg chair designed by Marcel Wanders for Magis.


  • Maria

    It’s the Cyborg chair by Magis.

  • Pluk vd Petteflet

    Overall, a bit too posh I would say. But I find the ceiling very intriguing, especially when the lights are lit. It gives an interesting perspective as it is in fact all plane (fotos 4 and 5). The bar wall is a statement.

  • It’s a nice restaurant but I dont know if I want to look at the decor, enjoy my food or watch the game. When the lights are on, the ceiling looks quite amazing but there is too much going on according to me. Maybe it would have been a greater place if it was not at a stadium?

  • Congratulations on a wonderful design – all in perfect coordination. The exquisite ceiling design is most impressive. Pots galore! How interesting and most original! Even the outstanding and most interesting washbasins and taps – a most interesting combination of today and yesterday combined in exquisite design harmony. LM Architects – Congrats!

  • That is the weirdest/coolest/most awesome ceiling I’ve ever seen! Man, it makes me want to eat there just so that I can sit under it!

  • yola

    Can I look at the restaurant design drawings?