Christmas lights in Madrid
by Teresa Sapey


Christmas shoppers in Madrid can stroll under glittering circles of LEDs designed by Italian architect Teresa Sapey (+ slideshow).

Madrid Christmas Lights by Teresa Sapey

The Christmas lights were designed by Teresa Sapey for Calle Serrano, an upmarket shopping street in the Spanish capital.

Madrid Christmas Lights by Teresa Sapey

Every year, Madrid's city council asks a designer or architect to create festive street lighting.

Madrid Christmas Lights by Teresa Sapey

Sapey used energy efficient LEDs to form unique combinations of pattern and colour in each circle.

Madrid Christmas Lights by Teresa Sapey

She founded her architecture studio in Madrid in 1990.

Madrid Christmas Lights by Teresa Sapey

We previously featured Christmas lights in the shape of stars and dominoes that were installed across Lisbon last year.

Madrid Christmas Lights by Teresa Sapey

We've also reported on another outdoor lighting project in Madrid – an outbreak of illuminated silicone nipples stuck onto statues by guerrilla lighting designers Luzinterruptus.

Madrid Christmas Lights by Teresa Sapey

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Here's some more information from the designer:

Every single year, Madrid council asks some of the most important designers, architects or courtiers to make designs for Madrid’s streets. Teresa Sapey was asked to conceive Serrano Street’s Christmas lighting. Placed in one of the most luxurious neighbourhoods in Madrid, Serrano Street is well known for the high fashion designer’s shops.

Madrid Christmas Lights by Teresa Sapey

It seemed to be a very difficult task, but Teresa thought this was a good chance to lighten up the street using very colourful and geometric designs. Her aim was to turn the grey and cold Serrano into a warm place, filled with colour.

Madrid Christmas Lights by Teresa Sapey

Her designs have a countless amount of colours combined with circle shapes. Each one is different from the others, forming a sequence of drawings that can be seen from both sides.

Madrid Christmas Lights by Teresa Sapey

This design concerns as well environmental conservation and ecology. Made by using LED technology, it is also sustainable and efficient, requiring less power and producing low energy consumption.

  • Jec

    Our government doesn’t have money for public sanity but has money for this. Definitely, Spain is a shit.

  • “Made by using LED technology” – they should have included how expensive the upfront costs are! Hope they use them for many years so they can realize the savings!

  • sor perdida

    Here’s a country that shows its splendour even in times of misery. I bow down subjected to admiration, whatever the sacrifice may be.

  • Georgepp

    All Christmas lights being used in Madrid this year were already used in 2011, 2010, etc. There has been no new spending on designers or materials. Only installation costs. Some designs are not bad.

  • Mr. Jinkles

    So much for the economic woes. It’s the Christmas season. Let’s spend a “little”.

    Hope drivers still see the traffic lights behind this pretty madness.

    • Juan Pablo

      Feliz Navidad!

    • People need to be cheered up. If pretty lights on the streets can help with that, then I don't think it's money ill spent :)

  • nat

    Very nice ones.

  • FranHS

    Throughout history, great things have been accomplished in moments of crisis. Stunning lighting installation!

  • Win F

    To bring good cheer in times of hardship is great, but this is over the top!

  • Jim

    It should be against the law to try and cheer people up during Christmas time, lots of people don't celebrate Christmas and it's like punching them in the face with these disgusting lights. It makes me want to vomit.