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Design Miami: New York studio Snarkitecture has hidden the Design Miami collectors fair behind a facade of inflatable sausages (+ slideshow).

Drift by Snarkitecture

Snarkitecture clad the Design Miami tent with weiner-shaped vinyl tubes, bundling them together at different heights to create a shaded social space at the entrance.


"We're always trying to make objects perform in unexpected ways and do things that they shouldn't really be doing," artist and designer Daniel Arsham of Snarkitecture told Dezeen at Design Miami. "So that sort of notion translates across our practice in general, as well as using a kind of limited palette, a limited range of materials."

"We really haven’t added any material – the vinyl is the material that is used for the tent anyway, all we’ve done is transform the way that it's presented. So we created these inflated tubes that are raised and lowered to create a sort of reverse landscape," he said.


Architect and design Alex Mustonen added: "A lot of times when we’re starting a project or thinking about approaching a work, it’s about looking at an existing condition, an existing space or architecture, and analysing or exploring the materials or structures or programmes of that space [...], and looking at ways that we can either reimagine or manipulate those elements to create a sort of additional programme."


Snarkitecture is a collaboration between Arsham and Mustonen, who met while studying at The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art in New York City.

Drift by Snarkitecture

Above: photograph by Dezeen

Dezeen was in Miami last week reporting on the highlights of Design Miami, including an "ice halo" of Swarovski crystals by Asif Khan and a collection of luxury travel accessories for Louis Vuitton, including a hammock inspired by pasta ribbons.

Drift by Snarkitecture

Above: photograph by Dezeen

We also met Designer of the Year Vito Acconci, who told Dezeen that now is "not the best time for design" in the United States and added that he was sceptical about plans to build a playground designed by Acconci Studio in Miami.

Drift by Snarkitecture

Above: photograph by Dezeen

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Drift by Snarkitecture

Above: photograph by Dezeen

Photographs are by James Harris for Design Miami, except where stated.

  • Archidod

    That’s a lot of tampons :)

    • PopGoesTheWeasel

      Or peepees and sausages. Looks like it would have been so much fun to walk around with a pin and stealthiliy deflate them all. ;)

  • Ran

    Small intestine anyone?

  • Justin
  • Looks like a bunch of tampons!

    • Nicola

      Which is no bad thing.

  • Colonel Pancake

    I haven't seen so many tampons in one place since Lilith Fair.

  • sara

    I really want to hate this but it looks like so much fun!

  • dylan

    They would have more success if they flipped the idea on its head and the floor was tampons.

  • Concerned Citizen

    Apparently, a child has got into his mom’s stash of tampons, with childlike amazement.

  • My first thought was condoms, not tampons. At a second glance, it reminds me more of long balloons for party animals.

  • Eric

    Can the Q-tips cotton swab company purchase this at the end of the exhibition?

  • maria

    Hot dogs and cult design are not healthy any more!

  • saa

    It reminds me of when my grandmother used to hang sausages in the kitchen to let them season. Beside that, it looks fun!

  • pinping


  • Johan

    I know everyone keeps saying tampons, but they’re actually just ship’s fenders. Same materials and shape too. I like it, but the frame could have been more interesting.