Naturoscopie II by
Noé Duchaufour-Lawrance


Design Miami: French designer Noé Duchaufour-Lawrance has launched a white variation of his leaf-like LED lighting, which fades and flickers like dappled light coming through trees (+ movie).

Naturoscopie by Noé Duchaufour-Lawrance

The white Naturoscopie II lights by Noé Duchaufour-Lawrance contain LEDs behind their perspex "leaves", which slowly brighten and fade to reflect different background colours.

Naturoscopie by Noé Duchaufour-Lawrance

Above: image shows close-up of black version of Naturoscopie II

"This collection is linked by the fact I really wanted to express something a little bit more intimate than through a functional object," Duchaufour-Lawrance told Dezeen at Design Miami, where he exhibited the lighting in the Galerie BSL booth. "It’s more sculptural, because it’s not really a light, it’s more an object that provides an emotion by the contemplation of it."

Naturoscopie by Noé Duchaufour-Lawrance

Above: image shows close-up of black version of Naturoscopie II

Other projects by the designer we've featured on Dezeen include an airport business lounge with tree-shaped lamps and a spiral bookcase inspired by an ammonite fossil.

Above: movie of the Naturoscopie collection showing the moving lights

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Here's some more information from the designer:

Naturoscopie II - Lights

This set of lights corresponds with the responsive transcription of the sun when it filters through tree foliage. Within each head, the sequence of the LEDs and their reflection on mirrors and coloured surfaces interpret this natural movement, in a both fugitive and perennial temporality. The light asserts itself in the form of sparkles and bright or mellow green, yellow or silver fragments.

In the mural compositions, the foliage pattern unfurls flat, on a single level parallel to the wall, the articulations of the heads making different positions possible. With the ceiling fixtures, the volume of the foliage opens out, the modules connecting at different heights.

4 wall hangings, with 2 and 3 heads:
H/175 x L/95 x W/14 cm (2 heads)
H/75 x L/135 x W/14 cm (2 heads)
H/140 x L/195 x W/14 cm (3 heads)
H/165 x L/105 x W/14 cm (3 heads)

3 ceiling fixtures, with 2, 3 and 5 heads:
H/33 x L/117 x W/78 cm (2 heads)
H/32 x L/165 x W/99 cm (3 heads)
H/38 x L/208 x W/154 cm (5 heads) – also available as a wall hanging.

Stainless steel, fibreglass, mirrors, paint and soft touch varnish, light diffusing plexiglas, LEDs. Two versions regarding the light diffusing plexiglas: matte finish or gloss finish.

Galerie BSL edition of 8 + 4 AP for each version.

  • Maybe Dezeen can post a video of these lamps in operation. I like the concept, they look attactive, but I would like to see how they work.

  • Emilie/Dezeen

    Hi Chuck,

    We've just added a movie to the bottom of the post so you can see how the lights flicker through the perspex.


  • birgittejh

    They’re somehow interesting, maybe because it reminds me of the fantasy landscapes of the Avatar movie, but I’d like to see them live for better judgement – the “holders” seem very static by contrast to the moving light inside, though their shape is organic.

  • efj

    The bookshelf rocks. The wall light fixtures have a nice shape, yet the lighting quality does not transmit the effect/sense of the sun transmitting light through tree branches. It does not have that liberating feeling. Nice idea though.