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Grasp portable lamp by Thomas Albertsen for Frandsen

Grasp portable lamp by Thomas Albertsen for Frandsen

Dezeen Showroom: first created for the TV show Denmark's Next Classic, designer Thomas Albertsen's Grasp portable lamp for Danish brand Frandsen has an innovative rechargeable bulb.

Frandsen picked up the Grasp portable lamp after Albertsen debuted it on the reality TV competition Denmark's Next Classic, in which it was one of the best lighting designs.

Grasp portable lamp by Thomas Albertsen for Frandsen
The Grasp portable lamp is designed for indoors and out

The brand says it recognised the 'exceptional potential' of the design, which has a refined metal form made up of two cones – one for the base and one for the lampshade – connected by a slender, curving rod that forms both the body and the handle of the lamp.

The table lamp is designed to have a minimalist visual appeal while also being highly practical, with a water resistance rating that makes it suitable for use indoors or outdoors, and a base that sits stably on both smooth and uneven surfaces.

Grasp portable lamp by Thomas Albertsen for Frandsen
Its bulb can be removed and recharged

A standout feature is the Grasp lamp's bulb, the Frandsen One, which is both the source of light and power unit. That means that instead of having to recharge the whole lamp, users simply remove the bulb and replace it with a fully charged spare.

"I wanted to make a portable lamp capable of illuminating a table where people gather, enveloping the surroundings in a warm, intimate ambience, casting a magical aura in the otherwise dark spaces," said Albertsen.

Two other iterations of the lamp are also available –  Grasp Wall, a wall-mounted sconce lamp, and Grasp Garden Spear, which has a pointed base for insertion directly into the ground – that both share the table lamp's cone-shaped shade and innovative lightbulb.

Product details:

Product: Grasp portable lamp
Designer: Thomas Albertsen
Brand: Frandsen
Contact: [email protected]

Material: metal
Colours/finishes: Black, White, Beetroot, Petrol, Brass
Dimensions: 470 millimetres, 720 millimetres

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