Havet cabinet
by Snickeriet


Product news: this pine cabinet by Stockholm design studio Snickeriet has a rough surface that resembles choppy ocean waves.

Havet by Snickeriet

The Havet cabinet by Snickeriet is made from stained and lacquered pine.

Havet by Snickeriet

The pattern is hacked out of the wood by hand using an angle grinder, so each piece is unique.

Havet by Snickeriet

Snickeriet comprises cabinet makers Gunnar Dahl and Karolina Stenfelt with designers Karl-Johan Hjerling and Karin Wallenbeck, and was recently awarded the Swedish Design Award, Design S, organised by Swedish design organisation Svensk Form.

Havet by Snickeriet

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Havet by Snickeriet

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Havet by Snickeriet

Here's some more information from the designers:

Havet is a cabinet made out of pine. The surface treatment resembles a stormy ocean at night and is created by combining traditional craftsmanship with an unconventional technique. The pattern is chiselled by hand using an angle grinder. Just like the waves on a windy sea, each cabinet created will be unique.

At first, the furniture is built as a classic cabinet with right angles and with fittings, details and interiors in place. The carpenters then chisel out the distinctive pattern – a process requiring as much time as building the cabinet itself. The pattern is carved on all sides and across all external joints and fittings, creating a monolithic and sculptural gestalt.

Material: Stained and lacquered pine. Steel fittings.
Measures (h-w-d): 1789 x 860 x 380 mm
Design: Karl-Johan Hjerling & Karin Wallenbeck
Price: 75 000 SEK

  • I did it, and photographed it better a few years ago.


    Sorry just couldn’t help myself.

    • rohtmuz

      I disagree. I think Snickeriet’s is much better and photographed more beautifully than your pretentious photos (sorry, just couldn’t help myself!)

      • Thank you Rothmuz – so much better than anonymous thumbs down. If it’s just about style and ornament then I have to agree. So maybe I’ll have the photos taken in an hospital and just conform to the design diktat.

        • Rothmuz

          I don’t think the photographs are sterile at all, they clearly show a level of workmanship, quality and attention to detail which is lacking in your photographs. I would have to say, comparing the two, Snickeriet’s furniture looks to be better made. Of course I only have photographs to compare, but doesn’t this prove my point!

          • andy

            Rothmuz, I think you need to calm down a bit. Why do a lot of people feel the need to instantly compare and judge all the time, often to a negative degree?

  • dons

    Nice! Actually, amazingly simple.

  • lollo

    Super amazing. What craftsmanship!