Happy Toys
by Usuals


Product news: Dutch brand Usuals has crafted a set of handmade wooden toys out of branches from a hazel tree that grows on the family farm of one of the designers (+ slideshow).

Happy Toys by Usuals

Usuals chopped and shaved a variety of branch sizes to the right length then slotted them together to create recognisable shapes for children. "We can make these toys 'till we have no more prunings," they told us.

Happy Toys by Usuals

The collection includes a tractor, boat, dog, car and two different horses, most of which can be rolled around on wheels created by circular sections of wood.

Happy Toys by Usuals

The car, boat and tractor toys have each been whittled into shape from a main log with thinner sticks added to create details.

Happy Toys by Usuals

Unravelled rope provides ears for the dog (above), which can be pushed around by the long stick that protrudes out of its back to act as a lead.

Happy Toys by Usuals

The rope is also used for the tail and reigns of the hobby horse that has a simple carved head and a long thin branch for its body (above).

Happy Toys by Usuals

A second, smaller horse has been formed from five branches, four wheels and a thin rope tail (above).

Happy Toys by Usuals

Usuals was formed by design duo Van Eijk and Van der Lubbe, who make all the toys in their studio.

Happy Toys by Usuals

Other wooden toys we've featured include vehicles made from tools associated with household chores and an oil rig and tanker with red highlights.

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  • Andy

    But seriously… do you have any pictures of the FINISHED products? =)

  • Your toy store

    These items look very cool.

  • egonzalezbaeza

    Sometimes I wonder why people do what they do. Maybe these designers intended people to think about these questions.

    • beatrice

      Why so bitter?

  • Looks like these are toys for display – a talking point for visitors.

    Something to put on display so that people can comment on them, start a conversation.