Dezeen launches
World Design Guide


Dezeen has just launched World Design Guide, an online guide to the key architecture and design events around the world in 2013.

Despite the proliferation of design weeks, fairs, conferences and festivals around the world, there has never been a quick, one-stop guide to the best of them - until now.

World Design Guide - world view

To kickstart World Design Guide, we've picked out the 40 best events in the design calendar and plotted them on a map of the world.

Events can be searched by month, by location or by name, and you can zoom in to see the precise venue where they take place. Each event has a short text summary plus a link to the event's own website and Dezeen's coverage of past events, where relevant. The responsive design of the site means it works on all devices.

Dezeen launches World Design Guide

It's quite simple at the moment but over time we'll be adding more content and functionality, including reviews and travel information. We'd be happy to receive feedback on how we can improve it! Visit or use window above to try it out and email or use the comment section below to tell us what you think.

World Design Guide is part of a wider Dezeen project to use maps to help our readers find the content they need. It comes after our collaboration with Google on Field Trip, a new geo-publishing app that pushes our content to your smartphone to let you know more about the buildings, interiors, landscapes and so on that are around you at any given time.

Dezeen launches World Design Guide

Last September we published a map of events at the London Design Festival which was viewed by over 500,000 people in a week. It's now the highest ranking map of the festival on Google. Earlier last year we mapped all the architecture and design studios in the east London borough of Hackney as part of our Designed in Hackney project. This map has been viewed over 2.5 million times.

We're working on more map-based apps and tools that we hope to launch in the coming months.

  • Guilherme

    It’s impressive that there is not a single event in Latin America. You guys should look into it.

  • James Farrer

    It says on the website it is “the first ever online guide to the best international architecture and design events”. Hmm… so what about Bustler’s, Frame’s and Archello’s?

    • Steve

      Dexigner has had one for years.

  • Lukasz

    It’s brilliant, although there is a mistake. Design venue in Poland is called “Łódź Design Festival” and is based in city called Łódź, not Warsaw, as it is mentioned.

  • As the Danish design blog branding Denmark and #allgoodthings #danish I would like to add some Danish design events – who should I send info to? Best regards.

  • hello?

    Los Angeles? San Francisco?

  • taptap

    So London has only 2 design events this year? A bit disappointing I must say. I don’t think a map is the best way to show event listings. In the case of London the two pins already overlap and one has to zoom in very closely. And how are events shown that take place in the same space but at different dates?

  • ella

    Does Israel not exist? We have a world-known center of Bauhaus in Tel-Aviv and archaeological museum which you do not have elsewhere.

  • Priya

    You should also mark the Pune Design Festival in India. It is really important for the industrial design cluster of Western India.

    • العاب 250

      What about design in Morocco?