Smart Forjeremy
by Jeremy Scott


American fashion designer Jeremy Scott has designed a special edition for car brand Smart, with wings that shoot out from the back to form the rear and brake lights (+ slideshow).

Smart forjeremy by Jeremy Scott

Wings are a common motif in Jeremy Scott's designs and the pair he has added to the car are made from translucent carbon fibre.

Smart forjeremy by Jeremy Scott

“For me, wings mean freedom, a sense of weightlessness," says Scott. "Because of this, I definitely wanted to have them for the Smart electric drive in order to convey the way it frees the environment of noxious emissions and symbolises the new lightness of mobility."

Smart forjeremy by Jeremy Scott

Based on the current Smart Fortwo Electric Drive, this version has wider rear tyres and wheel arches, custom wheel rims and chrome protrusions above the headlights.

Smart forjeremy by Jeremy Scott

White is used throughout the interior, with nappa leather covering the instrument panel, seats and door trim, and chrome door handles and details.

Smart forjeremy by Jeremy Scott

The white steering wheel is open at the top and racing seat belts clip into chunky chrome buckles.

Smart forjeremy by Jeremy Scott

The car will be launched as a limited edition later in 2013.

Smart forjeremy by Jeremy Scott

We've recently featured concepts for driverless cars and shape-shifting headlights by Audi and ran an interview with their head of exterior design Achim Badstübner. We also recently interviewed MINI's head of design Anders Warming.

Smart forjeremy by Jeremy Scott

Jeremy Scott was in the news last year when trainers with shackle-like ankle cuffs he designed for sportswear brand Adidas were withdrawn.

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Scroll on for more information from Smart:

An electrifying encounter between the internationally renowned fashion designer Jeremy Scott and the smart fortwo electric drive has produced a fascinating smart fortwo. An electric car, ready for lift-off into a new era of mobility – full of lightness and joie de vivre. The unique smart forjeremy has wings – a familiar trademark of the American star designer. The wings light up like igniting rockets to form avant-garde rear lights. The smart forjeremy showcar, which will be launched next year as a limited special edition, was unveiled on the eve of the LA Auto Show at Jim Henson Studios in Los Angeles, with music provided by the artist M.I.A.

Smart forjeremy by Jeremy Scott

“We were totally enthusiastic about the first sketches that Jeremy presented to us”, said Dr. Annette Winkler, Head of smart, during the world premiere. “Both smart and the wings represent a bit of freedom on the crowded streets of major cities. In their respective disciplines, both the fashion designer Jeremy Scott and the smart brand are pioneering trendsetters, venturing into uncharted territories and challenging the status quo."

Smart forjeremy by Jeremy Scott

Wings – the symbol for carefree driving fun

True to form, the cooperation itself was out of the ordinary, smart being the first car brand to permit a fashion designer to make changes to the vehicle’s body. As Head of Mercedes-Benz and smart design Gorden Wagener explains: “Cooperations with fashion designers are normally limited to selecting interior materials and interior and exterior colour schemes. With Jeremy Scott, however, we wanted to go one step further and integrated the typical wings as a central design element in the vehicle body. This was quite a challenge, because it was not just a case of creating a showcar, but rather of creating a near-series study with the potential for licensing it for road use in the future.”

Smart forjeremy by Jeremy Scott

Wings are one of the recurring design elements used by Jeremy Scott to great effect. Be it sweatshirts, sunglasses or sneakers, winged motifs crop up again and again in his collections. “For me, wings mean freedom, a sense of weightlessness. Because of this, I definitely wanted to have them for the smart electric drive in order to convey the way it frees the environment of noxious emissions and symbolises the new lightness of mobility”, explains Jeremy Scott, who, in addition to his fashion collections, also creates unique costumes for pop stars such as Lady Gaga, Madonna, Katy Perry and Rihanna.

Smart forjeremy by Jeremy Scott

smart forjeremy – an electrifying love story

Within eight months, Jeremy Scott had developed the smart forjeremy together with designers of the “smart Design Division” at the Mercedes-Benz Cars Advanced Design Studios in Carlsbad, California. Gorden Wagener says: “Working with Jeremy was fantastic – he is a veritable fireball of creativity”. With the typical stylish design of the smart fortwo to inspire him, the international fashion giant came up with a whole host of visionary ideas.

Smart forjeremy by Jeremy Scott

All of which results in an avant-garde and futuristic smart with loving details based on the overriding wing theme. The smart forjeremy is painted in bright white, against which the chrome-plated tridion cell glistens like a jewel. On either side of the vehicle is a wing made of transparent fibreglass and decorated with rocket-shaped elements that light up red, serving as rear and brake lights. “Transparency was a very important factor for me, since it represents lightness and space”, explains the designer. The vehicle’s dynamic, self-assured look is further enhanced by means of wider rear tyres and wider rear wheel arches. The wheel rims are shaped like aeroplane propellers, giving the impression that the electric smart might take off at any minute. With the elegantly curved “eyebrows” above its front headlights, the smart forjeremy conveys both untamed curiosity and unbridled joy. Complementing the tridion cell, the eyebrows are bright chromium plated, as are the top half of the mirror caps and the frame around the radiator grille.

Smart forjeremy by Jeremy Scott

Luxurious interior – a dream in white

The exclusive and elegant marriage of white and glistening chrome accents is continued in the interior of the vehicle, creating an undeniably luxurious look. Together with interior designers of the “smart Design Division” in Sindelfingen, Jeremy Scott chose fine white nappa leather for the instrument panel, seats and door trim. Whilst the instrument panel features minimalist seams, the seat insert areas and the centre panels in the doors boast extravagant diamond stitching. The gleaming chrome surfaces of the main door trim and typical smart elements such as the closing handles, the side boomerangs of the instrument panel and the characteristic rings on the dashboard instruments form an elegant contrast to the matt white.

Smart forjeremy by Jeremy Scott

Shaped like a jet engine, the bright chromium plated side air inlets complete the wing theme on the exterior. The white steering wheel with two chrome spokes is open at the top, further enhancing the sporty, sweeping impression of lightness. “We will also launch a limited special edition of the smart forjeremy in 2013", Winkler said. "And I really look forward to cruising the city in this item of haute couture.”

Smart forjeremy by Jeremy Scott

Exciting and stylish driving fun – without any emissions

The smart forjeremy is based on the current production version of the smart fortwo electric drive. With its 55 kW electric motor the smart fortwo electric drive accelerates from 0 - 60 km/h in 4.8 seconds, and with a maximum speed of 125 km/h driving pleasure is also guaranteed on urban motorways. The 17.6 kWh lithium-ion battery enables the urban two-seater to travel approximately 145 kilometres in city traffic without producing any local emissions.

  • Hamza

    Looks like Asterix would buy this car!

  • Masha

    This is ridiculously hideous.

  • Mercedes actually revealed this a few months ago on the very same day that BMW unveiled its i3 Concept – the latter a much more serious and considered micro-volume design. Under new design director Karim Habib, BMW is beginning to surpass Mercedes.

    With the smart Forjeremy, is Mercedes trying to appeal to – to borrow a phrase from commentator Jeremy Clarkson – "homosexualists"?

  • Cadbaboon

    A perfect marriage: the Smart is widely recognised as one of worst cars you can buy, and these stick-on wing things are the pits.

  • eddie f

    The most hideous things about this are the 4 point harnesses and the F1-like steering wheel. It’s not even practical anymore. just overdesigned for the sake of it.

  • Lohen Grinn

    The rocket fins on cars of the 50s and 60s were at least contextual and in the spirit of the times – but what has Brunhilde's feathered helmet got to do with a contemporary mini hatchback?

    • Lohen Grinn

      Sorry, I forgot to assert that this thing is rubbish!

  • Jec

    Very original Jeremy…

  • Bhavnesh

    Doesn't he just stick wings on everything?

  • donkey

    Are those type of steering wheels legal on the road? They’d be freaking annoying to have to use in the city, nay dangerous.

    Otherwise, I adore it. Is Smart not supposed to be a “fun” car? This is like something straight outta Pimp My Ride (which I also adore).

  • gork

    That's one heck of a blind spot on either side. :P

  • Hmmmmm

    BREAKING NEWS: a horrific car gets a horrific makeover by designer with a lack of ideas. Anyone familiar with Jeremy’s work could have drawn this before he designed it.

    Smart is supposed to be fun. What is fun about this? It is predictable, ugly and a waste of resources. It isn’t even imaginative.