L'étagère-en-bois by
Lucien Gumy


Cologne 2013: Swiss industrial designer Lucien Gumy has won the [D3] Contest at imm cologne trade fair with his interlocking wooden shelving.

L'étagère-en-bois by Lucien Gumy

L'étagère-en-bois, which means "wood shelves" in English, comprises various lengths of solid wood that can be assembled and taken apart without tools, screws or glue.

L'étagère-en-bois by Lucien Gumy

The tapered sections of the uprights slot into the small notches cut into the edges of the boards.

L'étagère-en-bois by Lucien Gumy

Lucien Gumy created the flat-pack shelves while studying at Ecole Cantonale d'art de Lausanne (ECAL) in Switzerland.

L'étagère-en-bois by Lucien Gumy

Gumy took first prize in this year's [D3] Contest, the award for young designers at imm cologne. The second prize was awarded to the Tilt clothes rack by Tina Schmid, while third prize went to Dennis Parren's CMYK lamp, which we featured recently.

L'étagère-en-bois by Lucien Gumy

We've featured several products launched in Cologne this year, including furniture by Nendo inspired by splinters of wood and a storage box and mirror that hang by a leather strap – see all designs from Cologne 2013.

L'étagère-en-bois by Lucien Gumy

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L'étagère-en-bois by Lucien Gumy

Photographs are by ECAL/Bruno Aeberli.

  • Nick

    Lovely details! Really nice work.

  • Maddeningly simple. Genius!

  • Anders

    Very very nice and clean. No extra materials or bits or fuzz, just the two pieces of wood, some precision cuts and gravity. This is a very nice and understated piece of furniture.

  • Giles Reid

    Wonderful. The more you look and think about this design, the better it gets.

  • Clara

    Wow, so cool. I didn’t understand what was so cool about this shelf to win the first prize, but seeing the details, I wish I had designed it! Congrats. Hope it won’t be copied too soon.

  • Donkey

    It’s taken 2000+ years for us to come up with this? Bravo!

  • Iikka

    This is brilliant! Something so simple that it could have been made with medieval tools, yet it’s a brand new design not thought of before. Looks to be sturdy, practical and affordable to produce as well. Truly some great work!

  • GREAT, really. Everyone seems to agree, a great work.

  • Bas

    Brilliantly simple indeed. Just wondering why the poles are not completely flush with the front of the shelf.

  • tst

    Great ! but I’m wondering about humidity and the wood shrinkage.

  • Simon Burrows

    Yep must agree with the previous comment. What about wood shrinkage? Unless its all made of very expensive quarter-sawn timber the shelves are going to bow, twist and warp.