Oasis Exhibition Centre
by Marques&Jordy


London studio Marques&Jordy has won a competition to design a series of motor showrooms in China and has conceived the first centre with a ribbon-like form inspired by the curved bodies of sports cars (+ slideshow).

Oasis Exhibition Centre by Marques&Jordy

The Oasis Exhibition Centres are planned for a number of locations across China, but the first will be located on a site in the Longquan District of Chengdu.

Oasis Exhibition Centre by Marques&Jordy

The 60,000-square-metre building will be broken down into three parallel segments, each with a different set of folds that Marques&Jordy compares to the "curvy and sexy lines of cars and movement".

Oasis Exhibition Centre by Marques&Jordy

Each section will be coloured bright red as a nod to the colour favoured by automotive brands such as Ferrari. Architect Yu Jordy Fu explained: "With the Oasis Expo Centres, we are transforming the love for sports cars into sensational architecture."

Oasis Exhibition Centre by Marques&Jordy

Pathways will weave through the spaces between the three sections, while narrow silvery bands on either side will form canopies and balconies for the upper floors of the building.

Oasis Exhibition Centre by Marques&Jordy

Describing the unusual form of the proposals, Jordy added: "It's commonly believed that China has no creativity and all buildings look the same, as copies of each other. This couldn't be further from the truth. China's cities are an inspirational burst of creativity and engineering."

Oasis Exhibition Centre by Marques&Jordy

The centre will accommodate exhibition rooms and events spaces for a showcase of different motor brands. Construction is scheduled to begin in September 2013.

Oasis Exhibition Centre by Marques&Jordy

The exhibition centre is the latest in a string of radical proposals for buildings in China. Others recent designs include a pair of museums by Steven Holl, with one the inverse of another, and a skyscraper inspired by spacecraft.

Last year China had more tall buildings under construction than any other country in the world. Chinese architects Neri&Hu recently told Dezeen that architecture projects in China have been "half-assed", while curator Aric Chen said that contemporary China needs to "slow down".

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  • bonsaiman

    Does anybody know the new Dezeen web address? Can’t find Dezeen anywhere!

  • rock

    Let the world oil crisis accelerate.

  • WayBoy

    Great curve design.

    • mlk

      Great irony, mate.

  • jon

    This looks incredible! Marques and Jordy are amazing! Love this!

  • Zach

    Whoaaaa! Incredible design! Really beautiful. I wish China would build many more cool and innovative designs like this.

  • Cindy

    Unequalled beauty! Very cool!

    • Chris

      I can’t tell whether the people praising this are extremely sarcastic or possess an “unequalled” lack of taste.

      • gouverneur

        Could not agree more. It’s like a douche-y sketch extruded and turned sideways.

  • nicey

    Just to leaven the mix of casual design worship above: I think it’s flashy, clumsy, sensationalist and vulgar, and no way reflects the beauty of great automotive design. Then again, a great Hollywood house for the Kardashians.

  • tak007007007

    Cindy, Zach and jon, if you guys can’t see that there is absolutely no balance whatsoever, I am really sorry. Innovation has nothing to do with crazily curved buildings. Unfortunately it’s a common and easily sellable concept nowadays, which shows the intellectual capacity of a lot in our profession.

  • mbam1o

    The designers live in the past, I guess.

  • Dave

    If this gets built it will be undoubtedly one of the worst buildings ever made.

  • Zaha Hadid

    Oh, cooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool!

    • recon::decon

      Yep. Zaha would like this.

  • marco

    This can't honestly have won a competition, can it?

  • Diddy

    Come on! This is a five second doodle in rendering software!

  • kuzmik

    Oh, cool. I just puked.

  • Captain Sensible

    Having just “dropped the kids off at the pool”, I must say that what came out of my arse had more aesthetic consideration in the final architectural form than this building.

    • Chris


  • philipp

    This might even be worse than the “pints of beer” building earlier today. Why is this on Dezeen?

  • julia

    This is insanity; the only automotive reference I pick up in this is euro-red. I’d rather watch Pimp My Ride.

    • Chris

      I think it’d also befit a cameo in Cars 3.

  • dude

    This project really should not have published by Dezeen! Your – normally – very high bar is the reason why we follow your website. Quality control, guys!

  • flo.b

    It’s a hoax?

  • Seth

    Oh God no! Oh no! Oh no, no, no!

  • zam

    Hahaha this made my day. Hilarious!

  • Chris

    Oh, it’s a building. Thought it was some crazy new alluvial fold stimulating sex toy. I mean, that’s what Dezeen is known for.

  • Biads

    Thanks Dezeen. I enjoy such articles – they’re good for my ego.

  • silicon m

    Interesting concept. However, the built product – if it ever did proceed – would not look quite as good as the imagery. I suspect the designers should get out from behind the monitor and get some construction experience.

  • calle wirsch

    It has no lightness, except from above. Too much trouble and I also don’t like these segmented surfaces in renderings. If you make curves they should be perfect. Another bad example, nearly as bad as the 3D printed-Möbius – house in previous article.

  • Magic_Mike

    Despite the ambition/scale, this project lacks any finesse, cultural relevance and elegance. It’s just another anonymous “whatever” building in China, wasting precious land space. I am so looking forward to see how those big, continuous, glossy, perfectly smooth surfaces will be built. I suspect it will be quite a different picture from those sterile renders. Plus M&J is not really based in London, so why lie to the readers?

  • ant

    I think a Chinese government official may have awarded his own daughter. Or maybe a friend’s daughter.

  • Firay

    I think this project is amazing – very creative and sensual. This is what China needs! Architecture should not be boring.

  • Leanda

    Wow! Totally amazing!

  • Julie

    I think it’s very easy for all you guys to criticize. Beauty and design are subjective; there will always be somebody who likes it and somebody who doesn’t. Winning a competition and getting published is amazing no matter if people like your building or not! That people speak about you in a bad or good way doesn’t matter; what’s important is that people speak about you!

    How you build it doesn’t really matter in a competition. You would know that if you had worked in a corporate office. What’s important is to sell the idea. If Zaha Hadid gets to build curves, M&J will be able too. Worst case scenario is that they would have to change their design a little, but what competition building’s design hasn’t changed in the building process?

    I believe M&J are doing very well and I wish them luck. Keep up guys!

  • btee

    This will never be built. Awful renderings too. Looks like a third year student project.

  • Flo.b

    @Julie, architecture is not about getting published. If this project was meant to make people react it is definitely a success, but we can still have doubts about its initial quality.

  • blah

    That’s a shiny, shiny turd right there.

  • Blair

    That’s great design!

  • jon

    I think all the above comments are great! At last a design company stiring things up! Obviously this building is creating quite a stir. I’ve seen it on other websites also. Personally I think the design is ahead of its time. People find it hard to accept things ahead of thier time. We need more beauty in the world, not more concrete, stiff looking post modern buildings.

    WELL DONE M&J I APPLAUD YOU! Always thinking out of the box and into the future. Marques&Jordy rock!

  • elena

    Love it! Wish to see it built soon.

  • David Rogers

    I love it! Funky and colourful, awe! Good to see something different once in a while. A lesson to the boring and oppressed architects stuck in theory and critic. Can’t wait to see it built.

  • Dave

    I think the concept is appropriate; the design needs to be big and bold to be seen by and attract the drivers on the freeway. Judging by the number of comments on here it’s certainly been noticed, and therefore it’s doing its job.

    Obviously the design’s going to evolve, and I hope M&J will post photos of the final built work.

  • Opinion

    As far as I know, the Chinese adore the curvy designs in cars and buildings, so if you want to win a competition just go for curves. Nothing else matters.

  • Sally

    People normally say that there is no creativity in China. Now this can prove these people are wrong. China will be the best place to see the world’s best creativity! Such a great project – well done.

  • suki

    This is very innovative design. I love it. Really looking forward to seeing it built!

  • stephane

    Love it! Sexy!

  • fufu

    Amazing project, like something landed from the sky!

  • archicat

    Another design shouting out loud “look at me” without considering context; it is like a giant alien ladybird. People who chose the scheme are the same kind as the designers.

  • majkelecek

    It’s quite amazing for how many people here creativity and innovation equals nothing but formalistic abuse of curves! Where are the real-world problems?

  • Victoria

    Strange design but something I would always remember. Hope to see more!

  • Kenneth Smythe

    There has been so much design like this since Bilbao that this is quite pedestrian. This design screams of malinvestment if built. This building won’t come close to being the malinvestment that the world’s tallest building in Saudi Arabia (3,400 ft) will become when finished.

  • Mukul Chakravarthi

    It’s different. It’s good to look at. Does it represent the sheer beauty of an automobile in its design? Absolutely not. I think this is a very superficial and almost intolerably obvious effort to represent the lines of a beautiful Ferrari. Copy-cat architecture seems to be making it big in China today and I can’t agree more.