Vanilla Ice designs
lighting collection


Vanilla Ice designs lighting collection

News: American rapper-turned-property developer Vanilla Ice has designed a collection of chandeliers and wall lamps in collaboration with New Jersey-based company Capitol Lighting.

Ice, whose real name is Rob Van Winkle, unveiled the collection at Fort Lauderdale Boat Show in Florida last month.

The range comprises two wall lamps and a 24-inch and a 28-inch chandelier, available in two finishes: polished nickel or vintage brass. Prices range from $250 to $1400.

Vanilla Ice designs lighting collection

Best known for his 1990 hit single Ice Ice Baby, the rapper has since turned his hand to property development and is now the star of his own home renovation TV series, The Vanilla Ice Project.

Vanilla Ice isn't the first hip hop star to take an interest in architecture and design –  we've previously featured a chair with tank-like wheels by rapper and producer Pharrell Williams and Kanye West's minimalist apartment in New York, while rapper and former architecture student Ice Cube went on film to explain how designers Charles and Ray Eames have inspired his music.

Last year we also featured the much-discussed debut furniture collection by Hollywood star Brad Pitt, which includes a marble bathtub for two.

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  • holly

    Finally, Brad Pitt is not the worst.

  • jay

    Amazing! God bless America. Although, I think he would be better off coming out with his own line of Botox.

  • Mandizzle

    Based on this effort, I think he should stick to something he’s good at, like rapping. Dohhh!

  • Bobby D


  • “All right stop, collaborate and listen.
    Ice is back with my brand new invention.”

  • jon

    Let me guess: he’s sampled and re-hashed an old design by Freddie Mercury and David Bowie.

  • bonsaiman

    This is the kind of news that is making Dezeen loose its credibility.

    • John

      I agree. Between these kinds of features (to the detriment of non-celeb, credible designers no doubt) and the other 95% being renderings of skyscrapers, I am coming back less and less.

  • sf-snob

    Wow, so many haters. Think you can do better? Go for it!

  • Mario

    I’d rather go for Kanye’s lights, which will probably arrive soon.

  • Sebastián Corral

    On one side it’s funny. On another side it’s a gross idea. On a final side, it’s just sad. Evidence suggests that he must design like he acts, and we all know he acts like he sings. Sad for Vanilla Ice, sad for Capitol Lightning and definitely sad for Dezeen Magazine.

    But hey! Who knows, maybe in a near future we’ll be living in an apartment building projected by “architect” Kanye West, that will feature lamps designed by “designer” Vanilla Ice, decorated with the new furniture collection from Tila tequila, with bathroom tiles designed by Kevin Federline, kitchenware specially envisioned by some left over Kardashian sibling, bedding sets designed by the Baldwin brothers, curtains by design team “Jersey Shore”, and carpeting design by Tori Spelling. You know, all those people who master design or basically anyone who thinks design is “pretty” and is currently out of their mind, and out of a job. Oh, for the love of God, we’ve come to this.