Cuts by Philippe Nigro
for Ligne Roset


Product news: books and magazines slot inside the deep cross-shaped notch in this table by designer Philippe Nigro for Ligne Roset.

Cuts by Philippe Nigro

Designed by Philippe Nigro for Ligne Roset, the Cuts table is made from moulded polyurethane and reinforced with a steel frame.

Cuts by Philippe Nigro

Deep folds disrupt the lacquered white surface to create four tabletops at three different heights.

Cuts by Philippe Nigro

Two years ago in Cologne, Nigro presented interlocking pendant lights and a set of bright yellow divans, tables and a foot stool, both for Ligne Roset – see all designs by Philippe Nigro.

Cuts by Philippe Nigro

Other Ligne Roset products shown in Cologne this year include a chair inspired by cooked spaghetti and an asymmetric desk with a bright yellow top – see all design from Cologne 2013.

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Here's some more information from the designers:

Philippe Nigro loves to explore concepts in depth. For years now he has been working with Ligne Roset on the theme of intersections, interweavings and assemblies. He brilliantly demonstrated this with his Confluences settee (2009), and then his indoor/outdoor collections Passio and Résille (2011). In 2010, he blazed a new trail whilst playing with the concept of notches, resulting in the Inséparable footstool/table (2010), a concept which was later masterfully transformed into the Cuts shelving (2011).

In 2013, he develops that same idea of the notch, this time applying it to the low table: a flat surface is ‘disrupted’ by notches to create 4 distinct tops positioned at three different heights. The angulation of the two intersecting notches is 28°.

The irregular architecture of the low table thus obtained contrasts with the slimness (just 8 mm) of the single material and its immaculate whiteness to create a result which is more than appealing: the varying dimensions and differing levels of the tops are practical whilst the notches can be used as magazine storage.

Whichever of its each four sides it is viewed from, its contours are different yet always surprisingly light, like a paper aeroplane.

Low table in 8 mm thick satin white lacquered expanded moulded polyurethane, reinforced with a steel framework.

Width: 100
Depth: 100
Height: 15/23/30

  • Take a look: PLI table, designed by Francesco Fiotti in 2010:

    • Zit

      Would be harder to retrieve a magazine from this aesthetically driven design.

  • Romain

    God forbid someone ever spill something.

  • TheMonk

    I invite you to take a look at the table PLI designed by Francesco Fiotti. It’s absolutely similar.

    • nicey

      Thanks for the invite. Fiotti’s take is much more sensuous, like fissured rock.

  • Bhavnesh

    Where are the magazines? At the moment, it’s just a sculptural form with no sense of scale.

  • mik

    Make it into a building, not another stupid useless table.

  • I would love to see a video explaining the production process.


    Looks like he’s copying again. This was first launched by gregorysung as FLIP FLOP in 2010 for Danese and Moroso (…) then relaunched by Marco Ghisalberti ( in 2012. It’s really a shame.

    • TheMonk

      Thank you! PLI by Francesco Fiotti is the previous design. February 2010.