Wonderwall House
by SO


Residents taking a bath or using the toilet are on show to swimmers in the pool at this brick and concrete house in Chiang Mai, Thailand (+ slideshow).

Wonderwall by SO

The house was designed by local studio SO, also known as Situation-based Operation. Named Wonderwall, it comprises a series of both indoor and outdoor rooms that fold around a row of chunky brick walls.

Wonderwall by SO

The residence is organised over a series of split levels to negotiate the slopes of the hill. Staircases are dotted around the rooms to prescribe different routes between floors.

Wonderwall by SO

"The house is basically a living space," explains architect Narong Othavorn. "[It has] a huge open plan and open space between indoor and outdoor, with the big wall cutting through the existing landform to create the sequential scenes, exposing it to different space and functions."

Wonderwall by SO

The swimming pool is positioned on the uppermost storey, sandwiched between the main bedroom and bathroom. Walls are glazed on the facades of both rooms so that they face each other across the water.

Wonderwall by SO

"I just wanted the owner to be able to shower right after swimming," Othavorn told Dezeen.

Wonderwall by SO

Louvred fencing surrounds this cluster of rooms to let in light, but also maintains privacy from the rest of the house.

Wonderwall by SO

"The bedroom can be seen once entering the plot, but can only be accessed at the end of the sequential scene by passing through a gallery-like living room and the swimming pool," added Othavorn.

Wonderwall by SO

The "gallery-like" living and dining room is also located on the top floor, while a sheltered outdoor kitchen and living room sits on the level below.

Wonderwall by SO

A square terrace covers one of the rooftops and is designed to double-up as an outdoor cinema.

Wonderwall by SO

The architect's materials palette included red clay bricks, exposed concrete and timber decking. Glass walls are made up of concertinaed panels that hinge open when necessary.

Wonderwall by SO

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Wonderwall by SO

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Wonderwall by SO

Photography is by Piyawut Srisakul.

Wonderwall by SO

Wonderwall by SO

Above: site plan - click for larger image

Wonderwall by SO


Above: first floor plan - click for larger image and key

Wonderwall by SO

Above: first floor plan - click for larger image and key

  • Who needs privacy when taking a dump anyway, right? *facepalm*

  • Open here, close there. Well done.

  • BigKush

    Looks great – if you like the idea of living in an open plan prison.

  • Paul

    It already looks old and that’s why I like it. By the way: floor plans would be really great.

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  • Rzepa

    Looks really interesting, it's a pity there are no plans available.

  • taptap

    I don’t get the benefit of being seen on a loo by other people in the house.

  • amv

    I was wondering when ‘that one architect’ would come out of the closet and design an open bathroom.

  • rem

    Looks great; plans and sections would be welcome to fully grasp the project.

  • jeremy

    Sexy toilet.

  • Derek

    The next logic step is to put the toilet in the pool.

  • sara

    Is it just me, or is the tub the wrong way around? Wouldn’t it be nice, considering the fact that it was designed to completely open up, if you faced the pool and the outside when taking a bath?

  • Andi

    Cool! I always wanted to sh*t with a view!

  • dlk

    Take a dump near your pool! Interesting house – but what about a toilet that doesn’t look like a €20 version from the shop around the corner? Once you present it like that, hmm.

  • Anton Huggler

    Oh man! Just imagine you are swimming with your girlfriend in the pool, late evening, it’s a moonlit, beautiful, night, romance is in the air – and then you tell her “excuse me for a minute”, go and blow her kisses while taking a dump!

  • pot luck

    You have got to be sh***ing me?

  • Sati

    Imitating all the worst design from the last few decades – but that is Thailand. This has got to be one of the ugliest, most uncomfortable-looking, clueless messes in Southeast Asia.

  • No need for a bidet – just jump in the pool!