Pilu lamp by
Leoni Werle


Pilu lamp by Leoni Werle

German designer Leoni Werle has created a bell-shaped lamp that can seesaw between upright and inclined.

Pilu lamp by Leoni Werle

The solid oak base of the Pilu lamp is v-shaped so it can be stood vertical or rocked forward so the powder-coated steel stem becomes angled.

Pilu lamp by Leoni Werle

A one-directional joint connects the bar to the the bell-shaped spun aluminium shade so it always points down regardless of the lamp's position.

Pilu lamp by Leoni Werle

Werle designed floor and table versions of the lamp, which was nominated for the [D3] Design Talents contest at imm cologne earlier this year.

Pilu lamp by Leoni Werle

She showed a giant lampshade and table that were combined to create a workspace at DMY Berlin back in 2010.

Pilu lamp by Leoni Werle

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  • Bob

    Nice and playful!

  • Ein

    Supernice! I bet the sketches were made with a kügelschreiber!

  • I really like it. Simple, effective and kinda cute!