Superbambi by
Scoope Design


This piece of furniture by Scoope Design can switch between a chair, table or step ladder depending on how it's slotted together.

Superbambi by Scoope Design

Superbambi comprises two interlocking wooden sections that fit together in two ways or can be used separately.

Superbambi by Scoope Design

Scoope Design created an orange chair back with two long prongs that fit through angled channels in the back legs of the white base to form a seat.

Superbambi by Scoope Design

Deer-like ears protrude from the backrest to act as armrests or coat hooks.

Superbambi by Scoope Design

Steps are created if the prongs are slotted through holes lower down the legs so the ears sit on the floor.

Superbambi by Scoope Design

The base can also be used on its own as a small table or children's desk, with a top that slides off to reveal a turquoise surface.

Superbambi by Scoope Design

More multifunctional furniture on Dezeen includes chairs and tables that clip together to create shelves and a flexible workspace that changes function by swivelling its chair.

Superbambi by Scoope Design

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  • chak

    So the step ladder is just the same height as the chair. What’s the point?

  • kevin

    I guess the point is that the backrest turns into an intermediate step between the floor and the seat, which makes complete sense.

  • kaptnkrunch

    So, a stool with a removeable back rest?

  • Paul

    Nice and playful – good job!

  • David

    Very nice. A starting point for a collection.

  • Dylan

    So they are selling an orange bit of furniture that has no use. Oh wait, there are white bits. Maybe I will write my whole respone in white text to complement the decision of the photographer. Here’s my response: