Tallest building in southern hemisphere
given go-ahead


Australia 108 to become tallest building in southern hemisphere

News: a 388-metre-high hotel and apartment building, which will be the tallest building in the southern hemisphere when completed, has been approved by planners in Melbourne, Australia.

The government of Victoria last week gave the go-ahead for Australia 108, designed by local architects Fender Katsaladis for a location in the Southbank area just a few streets away from another of its skyscrapers, the 297-metre-high Eureka Tower.

Australia 108 to become tallest building in southern hemisphere

As well as 108 floors of apartments, the building will contain a luxury hotel and several restaurants and bars on its upper floors, plus a food market and cafe near ground level.

Melbourne's city council had originally opposed the project, fearing the 108-storey building would cast a shadow over the Shrine of Remembrance war memorial, but planning minister Matthew Guy said the project had now received endorsement from the memorial's trustees and met the city's planning conditions.

Australia 108 to become tallest building in southern hemisphere

The building is due to be completed in 2018, but may not retain its title as the southern hemisphere's tallest for long, because an even taller skyscraper is set to complete in South Africa in the same year – the 447-metre-high Centurion-Symbio City tower in Tshwane.

Australia 108 to become tallest building in southern hemisphere

The ten tallest skyscrapers due for completion in 2013 include a 383-metre-high tower in north-east China and an Abu Dhabi complex by Foster + Partners – see all skyscrapers.

Images are by Australia 108.

  • Luke

    My eyes, my poor eyes.

  • Hayden

    A new contender for world’s most ugly building.

  • fraperic

    Kind of like a lame, rationalised hyper-building.

  • jimmysullivan

    Well, so much for the planners in Melbourne. The building is hideous.

    • Craig

      When people in Australia talk about planners, what they really mean is developers, who really call all the shots.

  • It seems the project has another hurdle to overcome: http://theage.domain.com.au/tallest-building-crea

    Did the pre-design investigation not review all possible effects the building may have? Project needs approval from the Civil Aviation Safety Authority and Air Services Australia. Be interesting to see the outcome of this as the project would need to deal with federal government requirements as well as state.

  • Maybe I’m feeling jaded today, but that building looks dull stuff from here.

  • iag

    Looks like a visualisation from a bad sci-fi computer game. At least the renders are as bad as the design: often slick visuals mask weak design.

  • csfearon2

    It’s like the architects looked at the building, realized they had re-done the Sears Tower (or whatever it’s called now) and then decided to add a protrusion halfway up for no discernable reason.

    It seems to me that many buildings designed to be the tallest in whatever tend to sacrifice good design and aesthetics in their quest for height. I mean, I’d rather have an interesting building of average height than another box.

  • Ryan

    I am assuming they are being ironic with this design. As such, it’s kinda awesome.

  • Crack

    Looks like they pulled this one out of the archive box from oh, 1989? Renderings too.

  • Andy

    The tallest and ugliest building in the southern hemisphere. I hope they filmed the team as they designed this – would be a great laugh seeing the decision making.



  • John

    All comments spot on. Melbourne has a very diverse and vibrant architecture scene and this is a horrid abomination. Ridicule it mercilessly, please.

  • )eroen

    A 388-metre-high hotel and apartment building, which will be the ugliest building in the southern hemisphere when completed, has been approved by planners in Melbourne, Australia.

  • Caleb

    A wannabe Constructivist nightmare. Please go back to the 1920s, monument!

  • Phil

    Obviously being the tallest eclipses the need for aesthetic appeal!

  • Craig

    Looks like an 8-bit explosion is going off halfway up. Either that or it is wearing an enormous mauve bow tie.

  • Olly

    Everyone is entitled to their opinion. I think it’s a great design and as long as they use high quality materials and glazing, it will be a landmark.

    • Embarrased Architect

      Do you enjoy working at Fender Katsaladis Olly?

  • Mick

    The ugliest building in the southern hemisphere!

  • jeb

    Olly: you are right, everyone is entitled to their opinion, but the opinion appears pretty unanimous. The building design is really not good.

  • Anon

    If you thought architecture in Melbourne couldn’t get any worse… ta dah!

    For one of the most vibrant, cultural and creative cities in the world, I struggle to understand how its architecture can be so offensive. This is shameful. My desire to migrate just slipped down several notches.

    • James McEnroll

      What a pity. An ugly building that has nothing to do with you (and you have nothing to do with it) can affect the life choices you make. So stay where you are. Australia is full.

      • Anon

        Having lived and worked in Melbourne as an architect for several years and with an apartment overlooking Fitzroy Gardens, I feel that it engages me a little more than you may think.

        When a building is marketed as ‘The Tallest Building in the Southern Hemisphere’ expect wider criticism. Such bigoted statements are doing wonders for your international image.

  • south

    Well, at least they included the requisite “concrete with protruding trees” in the renders of the lower levels.

  • brucey

    What an eye sore! Seriously, can buildings get uglier than this?

    • Hayden

      Lyons’ RMIT comes close. At least at street level I can’t see it from Phillip Island.

  • Stefan

    That’s a truly horrible looking building. The quote on the Australia108 front page is: “Buildings like this define a city.” This is not the way to define an otherwise great city.

  • Something went terribly wrong. You can best see it in the upper middle of the building. Awful!

  • Hayden

    Simple. Would have worked 20 years ago – it’s simply the result of architectural dinosaurs whose expressions haven’t evolved.

  • ovidiu

    Reach for the sky but forget to design.

  • karen

    Must Melbourne be in the limelight for the wrong reasons?!

  • Josh

    Looks great! We need more like it! Clearly some people don’t understand the dynamics of the game they pretend to be a part of.

    • Gary Walmsley

      OR—Josh—OR—we have aesthetics that architects lack.

      Just keeping with your tone.


    In a word, UGLY.

  • Jorge Alvarez

    Hideous, hideous, hideous! Shame, Melbourne has a lot of incredibly good architecture.