Vivienne Westwood designs
Virgin Atlantic uniforms


Vivienne Westwood designs Virgin Atlantic uniforms

News: British fashion designer Vivienne Westwood has been hired to revamp Virgin Atlantic's red uniforms.

The designs for Richard Branson's airline include a red skirt suit for female staff featuring Westwood's trademark hourglass silhouette.

"My clothes have always got a very strong dynamic rapport with the body - they are very body conscious, they help you to look glamorous, more hourglass, more woman," said the designer.

Vivienne Westwood designs Virgin Atlantic uniforms

For the men, Westwood has come up with a tailored three-piece suit in burgundy wool.

The outfits make use of recycled materials including canvas, leather off-cuts and polyester yarn produced from plastic bottles.

The uniforms will debut in July before their official launch next year, when they will be worn by over 7500 members of staff, including cabin crew and pilots.

Vivienne Westwood designs Virgin Atlantic uniforms

This isn't the first time Westwood and Branson have crossed paths – the punk designer was onboard a boat trip organised by Branson in 1977 for the Sex Pistols, the latest signings to his Virgin record label.

Earlier this week Branson watched the first rocket-powered test flight of his Virgin Galactic spacecraft.

Vivienne Westwood designs Virgin Atlantic uniforms
Vivienne Westwood and Richard Branson

We previously featured uniforms inspired by the logo of the Interieur design festival and a clothing outfitters in Auckland for Air New Zealand staff – see all fashion on Dezeen.

  • Aren’t they the lucky ones? I bet they’ll feel great sashaying through the airport in their fabulous uniforms. Well done for bringing back some glamour to the tedious process of flying.

  • Red Scorpio

    I’d wait to see the actual outfits on the air hosts and hostesses; often paper sketches are much more intriguing than their real-life counterpart.

  • Allan

    Outfit for the devil herself.

  • Isa Henderson

    They will be fabulous, and in my fave colour too. I want one!