Talma chair by Benjamin Hubert
for Moroso


London designer Benjamin Hubert has created a chair that looks like it's wrapped up in a cloak for Italian brand Moroso (+movie)

Talma by Benjamin Hubert for Moroso

Named Talma after a type of cloak, this chair by Benjamin Hubert for Moroso, has a fabric cover wrapped snugly around its frame.

Talma by Benjamin Hubert for Moroso

The chair is composed of a softly padded textile folded around a lightweight CNC-shaped steel frame with integrated support straps.

Talma by Benjamin Hubert for Moroso

The stretchy fabric is custom made by Innofa and is secured in place with a series of zips and two fastenings at the front.

Talma by Benjamin Hubert for Moroso

Talma was presented by Moroso at the Salone Internazionale Mobile in Milan last month, where the brand also launched a family of chairs influenced by the shape of a hood. 

Talma by Benjamin Hubert for Moroso

Other chairs we've recently featured by Moroso include a chair with a backrest wrapped in rush and a chair made from a single loop of material.

Talma by Benjamin Hubert for Moroso

Benjamin Hubert also unveiled an armchair that weighs just three kilograms in Milan.

Talma by Benjamin Hubert for Moroso

We interviewed the designer at our Dezeen Live event during 100% Design at the end of last year, where he talked about the importance of branding for designers.Watch the interview »

Talma by Benjamin Hubert for Moroso

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Talma by Benjamin Hubert for Moroso

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  • George

    Is it just me, or has success gone to Mr. Hubert’s head? Can’t say I feel anything special towards the last few pieces coming out of this studio. They all just feel, well, kinda blah. I prefer Benjamin’s more solid material explorations personally.

  • mlk

    No photos of a human using it. Again. What’s up with such advertising?

    • Barley

      It’s about the chair and its rather simplistic design, not the human who will evenutally utilize the final product. As with architecture, it’s form over function.

  • grant

    Looks very comfortable, but I would like to see the method of construction?

    • Steve

      I sat on it at the Salone and can tell you that it’s not particularly comfortable and it’s actually rigid. Also, the fold in front gets in the way of your feet. It looks better in the photos than in real life.

      • Mister

        Did you really sit in it though? If you had you would know that all is flexible, other than the frame, and it’s comfy.

      • I says so

        Ah poor Steve, did you get out the wrong side of bed this morning?

    • please

      The chair is obviously “flexible” other than the frame, the frame defines all the outer edges of the chair which makes it, well, somehow rigid.

      Having said that I do think it’s a nice design. I particularly like the structure, shame it’s hidden under that fabric.

      • betarice

        I think those guys work for the BJHubert PR machine.

        I love it, some one says they sat in it, and they question his opinion.

  • Tom

    I love this chair – so beautiful! Very interesting construction technique. Can you get other fabrics to put over the frame? Like clothing for furniture!

  • sensor

    One of Benjamin’s nicest chairs in my opinion. I like the new Innofa textile as well, but let’s see how it was made!

    • Chris

      Ooh, don’t be provocative and say you like something on Dezeen. You’re disturbing the pungent negativity and pedantry of its readers.

      • gerbilreflex

        This provocation only seems to work on Hubert projects ;)

        • green eyed monster

          I guess because he is doing something enviable at an earlier age than most and he seems very able, it is taboo to compliment him on it! I think envy has a big part to play in these kind of faceless discussions.

      • betarice

        I smell Hubert PR at work here…

  • design chairman

    Does this arrive assembled? Or does the customer assemble it? Just wondering whether the customer gets to see the red frame?

  • Horst Zuckerfrei

    That’s not a chair, it’s a winter coat for a chair! Seems Hubert designed that in one go with the ClassiCon chair.

  • Ladieda

    The material looks so techy, I don’t particularly like that. It kind of reminds me of the kimono chair by Tokujin Yoshioka, which is much more subtle.

    • Barley

      I like the material. That's your preference.

  • blah

    I like the material, but the way it’s sewn, and pop fasteners?! It’s all a bit fugly, Membrane Chair does it better I think.

  • kevin

    This works on so many levels – great.

  • betarice

    I wonder how it will look after a week's use. I'm curious if the fabric and cushioning will stay put or end up sagged in the wrong place.