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Stiks chair by Gordon Guillaumier for Alf DaFrè

Dezeen Showroom: Italian design brand Alf DaFrè has created a chair that draws on the concept of juxtaposition by combining solid wood with light tubular elements.

The Stiks chair was developed for the brand by designer Gordon Guillaumier to be used in combination with another recently released product, the Pols table.

Stiks chair by Gordon Guillaumier for Alf DaFrè
The chair's frame is made from cylindrical wooden dowels

Its construction is based on the combination of elements and materials that give the chair a "light and comfortable" look, as described by the designer.

The chair's most striking element is its wraparound padded backrest that provides a sense of tactility and comfort.

Stiks chair by Gordon Guillaumier for Alf DaFrè
Its seat and backrest can be upholstered in a range of materials

The Stiks chair has a solid wood frame made from Biscotto oak Fashion Wood finish and its padded seat and backrest come in a selection of various fabrics.

Product details:

Product: Stiks
Designer: Gordon Guillaumier
Brand: Alf DaFrè
Contact: [email protected]

Material: solid oak
Dimensions: 570 x 520 x 739 millimetres

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