Kabino by Simon Legald
for Normann Copenhagen


Product news: a perforated door slides across the front of these simple sideboards by Danish designer Simon Legald for Normann Copenhagen.

Kabino by Simon Legald for Normann Copenhagen

The Kabino cabinet by Simon Legald for Normann Copenhagen comes in white or grey with a natural ash wood frame.

Kabino for Normann Copenhagen

The perforations mean it can be used as a TV cabinet because devices hidden inside can still be operated with a remote control when the doors are closed.

Kabino for Normann Copenhagen

"I like to work in the cross field between craftsmanship and industry," says Legald. "When you buy a modern sideboard, it is often designed with pure craftsmanship or total industry in mind."

Kabino for Normann Copenhagen

"With Kabino I have explored manufacturing methods and various combinations of material in order for Kabino to have a little of both."

Kabino for Normann Copenhagen

Earlier this year Norman Copenhagen launched a table-top mirror with a dish in the base to hold small items.

Kabino for Normann Copenhagen

Colourful wall-mounted shelves and a collection of cabinets carved with geometric patterns are the most recent stories we've featured about storage.

Kabino for Normann Copenhagen

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Here's some more information from the brand:

Kabino is a simple and versatile sideboard with an exclusive look designed by Simon Legald. One of the sideboard's two sliding doors has perforated holes, giving it a visual elegance. The ash frame softens the feel and adds warmth. Kabino is a useful piece of furniture for almost anywhere in the home.

Designer Simon Legald often adds his personal touch to his designs through well thought out details. He has worked with the details of the doors on Kabino breaking up the otherwise uniform surface and creating a more dynamic design. This can for example be seen in the handles, which have been deliberately staggered and made into an integral part of the doors.

Kabino for Normann Copenhagen

Kabino is available with white or grey doors and is ideal as a sideboard in the living room, dining room, hallway or bedroom. Kabino is also suitable to be used as a TV cabinet due to the built-in cable outlet and the perforated holes, which make it possible to use a remote control even when the doors are closed.

  • Glen

    Awesome. Awesome to the max.

  • Alex

    I initially thought it was the back of a Dieter Rams radio.

  • anthony

    Best credenza I have seen in while, great use of materials.