Ondo by
Kenyon Yeh


Taiwan designer Kenyon Yeh has developed a simple wooden coat rack that leans up against a wall or corner.

Named Ondo, Kenyon Yeh's product comprises 13 parts that can be assembled from flat-pack using a handful of screws.

Ondo by Kenyon Yeh

Five arms cross the body of the rack, creating room to hang at least ten items. There's also six rounded hooks that can facilitate hats, ties or bags.

Each part is made from oak and comes in either black or natural wood.

Ondo by Kenyon Yeh

Other products designed by Kenyon Yeh include a two-legged side table, which also needs to lean against a wall.

See more hangers for coats and bags, including one made from two ladders.

  • Craig

    Think this designer did a lot of renderings (not bad ones actually), but not sure if he actually tested these design physically. Can’t tell from the images and description how the rack stand against sliding down. The base bit is just rounded wood with not any flat surface or even rubber pads?

    And is it just me or do some of the designs on his website looks familiar? For example: http://www.kenyonyeh.com/#/chimney/4572938482
    (chimney inspired candle holder designed in 2013) and the original: http://ladiesandgentlemenstudio.com/collections/#
    by Ladies&gentlemen studio that you can buy in their online shop.

  • Ben

    I wonder why there is no clothing shown. Probably because it will not work as good as expected.

    • Jami

      Or because the clothes are more difficult to render?

  • moes'

    The pity fact. Quantity is not quality. It will never be. Promoting a calamity of Asian “designers” is fine, until you realise there is nothing new :) Phoney “design” ;) Such as the Red Dot :D

    • jami

      I agreed the design/designer might not be brilliant, but I don’t think all Asian designers works present ‘nothing new’.

  • Stan

    Strange similarities with the Camerino Valet Stand by Brose ~ Fogale: http://brosefogale.co.uk/ as featured on Dezeen 3 months ago: