Bungy Sofa by
Leala Dymond


Furniture design graduate Leala Dymond has designed a sofa where elasticated yellow bungee cord holds cushions and other items in place.

Bungy Sofa by Leala Dymond

The Bungy Sofa by Bucks New University graduate Leala Dymond features a grid of yellow cord that is tied in knots around the upholstery and fixed to the frame with a system of pegs.

This cord can be used to secure extra cushions, or to hold magazines, books and remote controls.

Bungy Sofa by Leala Dymond

"This sofa was designed to be adjustable to everyone's comfort," says Dymond. "The yellow elasticated cord allows the user to rearrange the cushions to their personal taste, without them sliding out."

The frame is designed in walnut but Dymond says it could easily be made from cheaper materials.

Bungy Sofa by Leala Dymond

The Bungy Sofa was awarded the 100% Design Award at Part 2 of New Designers 2013 this month, alongside a range of dyslexic products by New Designer of the Year award winner Henry Franks.

Other 2013 graduate highlights this year include 3D-printed casts by Jake Evill and a series of robotic adornments for introverts by Lilian Hipolyte MushiSee our coverage of graduate shows 2013 »

Bungy Sofa by Leala Dymond

Dymond will exhibit the Bungy Sofa at 100% Design during the London Design Festival, where last year Dezeen filmed a talk series with designers and critics that included Li EdelkoortAsif KhanTom Hulme and Sam Jacob. Watch the movies »

  • NicOLE

    I want that so bad.

  • Is it comfortable?

  • Dan

    I wouldn’t want to see what happens when a three-year-old gets their head stuck under one of those straps. I’m sure this is a massive choke hazard.

  • Pete

    This is a really fun design that doesn’t take itself too seriously. It is proof that good design is still being produced in our universities, the health and safety hazard mentioned below could be an issue. However this could be applied to many objects around the home and surely we should, as parents, teach our children about this and not force this burden onto everyone else in the world.