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Dezeen Live movie series

Dezeen Live movie series

We've now published all the movies from our Dezeen Live series of talks with designers and critics, including Li Edelkoort, Asif Khan and Sam Jacob, that we filmed at 100% Design during the London Design Festival last September. Here's a recap in case you missed any.

Wednesday 19 September

Tom Hulme, Katrin Olina and Sam Jacob joined Dezeen editor-in-chief Marcus Fairs for the first of four sessions of talks at 100% Design, and Dezeen Music Project provided music by east London band Strong Asian Mothers.

Above: IDEO UK design director Tom Hulme advocates that "designers should be more entrepreneurial".

Above: architect and writer Sam Jacob takes the audience on a rapid-fire journey from a prehistoric standing stone to the Argos catalogue and USB cigarettes.

Above: Icelandic designer Katrin Olina describes how she translates characters from her imagination into drawings, animations, products and interiors.

Thursday 20 September

Thursday's speakers included designers Asif Khan and Dominic Wilcox, curator Daniel Charny and music by Reset Robot.

Above: designer Asif Khan explains how soap bubbles, rubbish bins and a neighbour's flower bed have all provided inspiration for his work.

Above: curator and writer Daniel Charny explains why making, hacking and fixing represent the future of design.

Above: designer Dominic Wilcox shares his thoughts on 3D printing and presents some of his "fun, crazy" projects.

Friday 21 September

Designers Philippe Malouin and Benjamin Hubert and critic Beatrice Galilee were Friday's speakers, accompanied by three tracks from American designer and producer Glen Lib.

Above: designer Philippe Malouin describes how the Olympics has changed Hackney.

Above: industrial designer Benjamin Hubert argues that designers should focus on building their own name as a brand.

Above: curator and writer Beatrice Galilee proposes that architecture and design exhibitions need to be about more than just "sticking furniture on plinths".

Saturday 22 September

On the final day of Dezeen Live guests included restaurant founder Shamil Thakrar, designer Clemens Weisshaar and trend forecaster Li Edelkoort, with music from Indian record label EarthSync.

Above: Shamil Thakrar, owner and founder of London restaurant Dishoom, laments the disappearance of traditional Irani cafes in Bombay and explains why he's setting them up in London.

Above: German designer Clemens Weisshaar argues that cutting edge software from race car engineering and hypersonic aircraft will underpin design in the future.

Above: interiors and products will need more tactile designs as the use of computers and screens makes us crave a sense of touch, trend forecaster Li Edelkoort predicts.