Be.e electric scooter
by Waarmakers


Dutch product design agency Waarmakers have designed a prototype electric scooter with a body made from compressed plants (+ movie).

Be.e e-scooter made from plants by Waarmakers

Dutch design duo Maarten Heijltjes and Simon Akkaya of Waarmakers designed the Be.e scooter for sustainable mobility brand Van.Eko, using natural fibre-reinforced composites (NFCs) instead of traditional steel and plastics.

The bio-composite monocoque body is made of hemp, flax and bio-resins and mimics that of an egg shell. "The monocoque structure means there is no internal frame," Akkaya told Dezeen. "The smooth outside surface is what gives the scooter its strength."

Be.e e-scooter by Waarmakers

"The design of the Be.e proves that supporting structures in high-impact transportation vehicles, more commonly made with steel, can be replaced with more sustainable natural fibres, without losing strength or performance," said Akkaya.

Be.e e-scooter made from plants by Waarmakers

Unveiled on 27 June, the Be.e scooter was designed in collaboration with Inholland University of Applied Sciences and NPSP composites.

Here's a video of the Be.e in action:

Amsterdam-based Waarmakers specialise in sustainable design. Past projects include the Goedzak refuse sacks, designed for discarding unwanted items for others to collect.

Here's a statement from Waarmakers:

Greenest e-scooter, made from plants

We designed the greenest scooter ever; this e-scooter is made from plants, seriously. The Be.e is a frameless bio-composite electric scooter, with a monocoque body made from flax and bio-resin.

Be.e scooter made from plants by Waarmakers

In a collaborative effort with InHolland, NPSP composites and Van.Eko, Waarmakers designed the Be.e; the first bio-based e-scooter.

Be.e e-scooter made from plants by Waarmakers

The Be.e has a monocoque body; a unique construction in which the object’s external skin supports the load, similar to an eggshell, eliminating the need for a frame and the usual numerous plastic panels. This structural engineering feat is made from Dutch flax and bio-resin, extremely sustainable, lightweight and strong.

Be.e e-scooter by Waarmakers

We were responsible for the overall design of the scooter, it’s monocoque and detailed parts. A task which challenged not only our engineering skills, but also our abilities to design a shape, an image, which communicates it’s unique configuration in an elegant but distinct way.

Be.e e-scooter by Waarmakers

  • Scooters are THE MOST ANNOYING THING, that can happen to you on Dutch bike lanes! Electric ones are even worse, because you don’t hear them. In Amsterdam to a cyclist they are the worst enemy, after the always-speeding taxis!

    This being said – good job! Looks a bit retro and a bit like a boat, but pretty cool! Good design!

    • Alex

      Michael, when was the last time that you’ve heard a bike overtaking you while you were driving in a car? You never did. A cyclist is a car driver’s worst enemy, especially in Amsterdam. Besides that: this scooter is awesome!

  • Oscar

    When can I buy one?

  • vincent

    In Beijing there are a lot of electric scooters. I think it’s because some kind of anti-smog policy.

    If you’re not used to them, as I wasn’t, they can scare you a lot because they are silent. But if you live with them all year long, you just have to live with the fact that those vehicles exist, so that must be different.

    The scooters of China are not the fancy ones you might think of. A lot of them are a kind of dirty and old battery pack on wheels.

  • Really good design and electric too. I love it.

  • cesar

    I am in love. I hope one day I could get one in México!

  • We’re working on a pilot launch in Amsterdam as of next year. In the mean time, I’ll do some homework on how to get the Be.e to Mexico :)


  • hrachik

    It’s the most efficient scooter ever. I love the design and I love the silence and hope that this whole project will boom very soon!

  • Trodd

    It looks a bit like a toilet.

    • What does your toilet look like? :)

  • Chris

    Live near Chicago and would love to market them!