The Simple Things by
Sara Mellone


These aluminium stools and benches by design graduate Sara Mellone are designed to look like folded pieces of paper.

The Simple Things by Sara Mellone

The Simple Things, Sara Mellone's graduate project from the University of Applied Sciences Düsseldorf, comprises pieces of furniture made from 2.5-millimetre sheets of aluminium that have each been folded four times.

The Simple Things by Sara Mellone

The process of bending the lightweight aluminium gives the furniture strength and ensures that the stools and benches have a stable footing.

The Simple Things by Sara Mellone

"The simple shape of the double fold creates enough strength to build a bench that is three times longer then the stool," says Mellone.

The Simple Things by Sara Mellone

Both designs can be manufactured without any offcuts and don't require any additional parts for assembly.

The Simple Things by Sara Mellone

Mellone has also created a version finished with a white powder coating, which protects the surface from fingerprints and scratches.

The Simple Things by Sara Mellone

Other benches we've featured in recent months include a wavy plastic seat by Ron Arad, and a bench by Zaha Hadid modelled on a block of ice.

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  • Mayné

    Really looks like Belgium Designer Xavier Lust’s bench!

    • Nathan

      No it doesn’t! They both use folded metal. That’s it.

    • marco

      I agree: no sense to publish something so similar in concept and costruction to a design already done!

  • Pascal

    Hey Mayné. Comments like yours kill innovation. This is really great design!

    • Greg

      I agree!

      These are great and though similar I still enjoy the simplicity of these.

      I really like the brushed aluminium version!

  • dominiqueehinger

    We like the finishing of the material!

    A few years ago we made the same stool and a desk out of folded cardboard. The same idea but another material (more affordable and recyclable, but less durable):

    • Gary

      Your stool/desk is nice, but I don’t really think that’s the same idea. Yours is made from a material cut to be that shape when assembled and could really be any stiff material.

      This is a piece of aluminium that naturally assumes that form when folded and bent.

      Note: “[…] can be manufactured without any offcuts.”

  • amsam

    Super beautiful. Student work is rarely so well achieved. It’s so hard to be that simple and that original!

    Perhaps we can say that works are “in dialogue with one another” so as to avoid the implication of copying. Or worse yet to imply that anything could be entirely new!