M6 chair by
Joe Buttigieg


m6 by joe buttigieg

Design graduate Joe Buttigieg has created a tubular steel chair that can be easily stored by hooking the seat over the surface of a desk or table.

m6 by joe buttigieg

Finished in red, the steel tubes splay out to form the legs and curve outwards to wrap around a laminated plywood seat.

The lightweight chair is designed to be slotted around the surface of a table to allow cleaners easy access to the floor. It can also be stacked.

m6 by joe buttigieg

M6 was presented by Joe Buttigieg - graduate of Buckinghamshire New University - at the New Designers 2013 exhibition in London earlier this month.

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Here's some more information from the designer:

This chair is innovative and redefines the appearance of regular tubular steel chair forms. Designed through the play and manipulation of the material, while considering proportions, dimensions and ergonomics. This design fits into a box and stacks; these aspects appeal to manufacturers. A light chair that can be easily lifted off the floor onto a table appeals to buyers and shop owners. This chair is something new to the competitive contract market.

  • Vicki

    You can still mount the chair on the table surely by just having maybe a 5 degree angle on the seat for comfort. I would suggest this improvement if it’s not there already.

    Also a hard and flat surface is economical for production, but bad for comfort. Maybe that’s another improvement down the line with some injection of cash for tooling.

    I don’t like the style personally. I think this utilitarian look has been done better by Deadgood, VGP and Mark.

  • mlk

    Looks painful.

  • Vincent

    Just when you think every minimal industrial design has been found, you are suprised.

  • Interesting aesthetic derived from a necessity to store and simple manufacturing.

    But it doesn’t look anywhere near strong enough to take the weight of a human on a day to day basis.

  • Henry Boston

    “This chair is innovative.”

    Come on. You want to fool the reader?

  • Deedee

    Why not post this?

    Same idea, but comfortable and aesthetically pleasing:


  • Danny

    Same concept as the Ru Chair for HAY.

  • Hans B

    This concept and functionality is identical to hundreds of school and cantina chairs made since the 70s. Just that this one doesn’t look stable, and the designer obviously hasn’t done his research well enough, thinking he is innovative.

  • I-Canada

    So it sits on the table top… not impressed.