Porsche Sculpture
by Gerry Judah


This streamlined sculpture by designer Gerry Judah features three Porsche 911s soaring up into the sky like rockets.

Porsche sculoture by Gerry Judah

Gerry Judah created the sculptural installation for car brand Porsche at Goodwood Festival of Speed, which took place last weekend.

Porsche sculoture by Gerry Judah

The structure features three iconic generations of Porsche 911, secured onto the end of 35 metre-long hollow steel plates that have been welded together.

Porsche sculoture by Gerry Judah

It weighs just over 22 tonnes and each leg slims down at the base, becoming narrow enough for a person to wrap their hands around.

Porsche sculoture by Gerry Judah

"I had to create a sculpture which personifies the energy and excitement of the car and the Festival of Speed," Judah told Dezeen. "The 911 is a fantastic shape, so I had to think 'You can't deconstruct or embellish it'; so in this context the sculpture had to provide the right platform for the car to soar up and shine in the sky".

Porsche sculoture by Gerry Judah

Judah creates an enormous car sculpture for the festival every year. Past projects include a white knotted race track for Lotus and a bright red looping structure for Alfa Romeo. See more sculptures by Judah »

Photography is by David Barbour.

  • Jonathan

    I hope they don’t knack the cars when they try to get them down.

  • Kalum


  • Jacana

    Simply magnificent!