Mahani by
Studio Toogood


Raw concrete and colourful fabrics are combined in this fashion store in Dubai by London designers Studio Toogood (+ slideshow).

Mahani by Toogood

Studio Toogood designed the boutique for Dubai fashion brand Mahani, introducing cast-concrete and monolithic forms intended as "an antidote" to the glamourous opulence of shops elsewhere in the Emirates.

Mahani by Toogood

Richly coloured drapes divide the space, while stools designed by Faye Toogood are upholstered in bright satin, providing relief from the plain concrete surfaces.

Mahani by Toogood

Garments can be hung from simple black railings that run along the perimeter of the store or suspended from discrete hooks that protrude from the walls.

Mahani by Toogood

Bespoke pieces of furniture constructed from metal mesh are used to display items such as shoes and jewellery.

Mahani by Toogood

A concrete catwalk spans the length of the store, providing opportunities for fashion shows and events, while white animal sculptures are dotted around the edges of the space.

Mahani by Toogood

A chandelier made from bare light bulbs hangs from the ceiling. Elsewhere, angled spotlights are combined with suspended strip lights to add to the store's raw aesthetic.

Mahani by Toogood

The final addition is an in-store bakery serving tea, coffee and desserts made by food design collective Arabeschi di Latte, who Studio Toogood previously collaborated with on an installation where participants were served black food at midnight in a darkened apartment.

Mahani by Toogood

Other projects we've featured by Studio Toogood include a bar where guests selected wine by smelling scented totem poles and an installation featuring boxes decorated with multi-coloured electrical tape.

Mahani by Toogood

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Mahani by Toogood

Here's a description from Studio Toogood:

Studio Toogood’s design for the new Mahani - Dubai’s first concept store - is an antidote to the polished slickness of modern retail in the Emirates.

Mahani by Toogood

The walls and fittings of the store – which opened in May 2013 – are cast in raw concrete, creating a neutral, Modernist-inspired environment to showcase the fashion-forward collections on sale.

Mahani by Toogood

The ascetic qualities of the space are offset by subtle touches of femininity, including richly coloured drapes and satin upholstery on bespoke pieces designed by Faye Toogood; meanwhile, a series of animal sculptures add a playful element.

Mahani by Toogood

Mahani’s in-store “bakery” serves tea, coffee and sweet treats by food designers Arabeschi di Latte, while a dedicated catwalk area running the length of the boutique allows for exclusive shows by cutting-edge and emerging designers.

Mahani by Toogood
Floor plan

The interplay of Studio Toogood’s monolithic modern interior with the soft femininity of the directional clothes makes Mahani an exciting, exclusive and distinctive new fashion destination in Dubai.

Mahani by Toogood
Cross section
  • solastalgia

    A little apocalyptic, no?

  • Morgan Geist

    For those who know the influences on this space, it is quietly screaming Comme des Garcons. All the treatments down to the mesh elements in the furniture, raw concrete, tubular rails are early reminisent of the work of the japanese designer Yasuo Kondo and his work for CdG, and the bakery, well, Rose bakery of the newer spaces.

    The ample amount of space that one is able to play with in Dubai is very different to the spatial constraints the Japanese designers innovate with, and this execution particularly reminds me of a sloppy sweater. Decoration vs design.

  • Matt

    I've seen that door handle at Kolumba museum. Just saying ;)

  • David

    A diluted Acne Store with a copied Gottfried Böhm handle. Shameless.

  • Jonathan

    Is anyone going to mention the blatantly copied Gottfried Böhm handle?

    • Kate

      Ha. That sort of copying is now referred to as “doing-a-Heatherwick”!

  • David2

    I think the rip-off label is being thrown around too lazily. Interior design isn’t writing. It’s more about composing selected existing products and materials rather than reinventing.

  • Angie

    I like the idea of contrasting with the rest in Dubai :) But that just my opinion keeping in mind that most things have been done anyway. Went to Rome last week and saw a bakery designed just like one of my pharmacies. Please believe me when I say I never knew about the bakery before and if I picked up ideas from someone else I didn’t do it consciously knowing that I was doing it.

  • The colour is sophisticated and stunning. What an interesting space.