Nonla lamps by
Paul Crofts Studio


Product news: London designer Paul Crofts has put the series of lamps he designed for a crêperie in west London into production, in response to readers' encouraging comments about them on our story.

Nonla Lighting by Paul Crofts

The conical pendant lamps were designed specifically for La Petite Bretagne in west London, but Paul Crofts decided to start producing them separately after a reader called them "amazing".

Nonla Lighting by Paul Crofts

"It was actually from the comments made on Dezeen when the La Petite Bretagne was published that convinced me to invest personally and put the three lights into production," Crofts told Dezeen.

Nonla Lighting by Paul Crofts

The three Nonla lights are named after the Vietnamese word for traditional Asian hats of the same shape.

Nonla Lighting by Paul Crofts

Each has a different angled profile and can be displayed individually or as a set.

Nonla Lighting by Paul Crofts

They are made from powder-coated spun aluminium with a CNC turned and routed American white oak top.

Nonla Lighting by Paul Crofts

The lamps also hang in another London cafe by Paul Crofts Studio that's covered in chevron motifs.

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  • Claudia L

    Absolutely beautiful! Clean and sleek, aesthetically pleasing design.

  • Friggin’ gorgeous! Pardon my language. Love the minimalist white against the warm wood tone. Now I wish I could afford one or two.

  • Vicki

    I like the use of materials and his enthusiasm, but I think these shapes have really been overdone recently. Having said that, obviously there is a demand for this type of design at present good to striking while the iron’s hot.