Zaha Hadid, UNStudio and Snøhetta
compete to design Expo 2017


News: a host of international architects including Zaha Hadid, UNStudio, Snøhetta and Safdie Architects have been shortlisted to design the World Expo 2017 exhibition in Astana, Kazakhstan.

Shortlist for World Expo 2017
This image: Safdie Architects, main image: Zaha Hadid

Coop Himmelblau, J. Mayer H, Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture and Massimiliano and Doriana Fuksas are also among the 45 architects competing to masterplan the 2017 world fair, which will take place for three months in the summer of that year.


Also in the running are Mecanoo, HOK, Stefano Boeri, GMP Architekten and Serie Architects.

Shortlist for World Expo 2017
J. Mayer H.

Bearing the title Future Energy, the Astana Expo 2017 is set to be centred around the promotion of sustainable energy sources and technologies.

Shortlist for World Expo 2017

"The theme of our exhibition is closely related to 'green economy', which takes into account the possibility of using alternative energy sources and the autonomous water and heat provision in each of the constructions," said Kazakhstan president Nursultan Nazarbayev, who suggested that some of the proposals could be combined to form a "symbiosis project".

Shortlist for World Expo 2017
Coop Himmelblau

The competition attracted over a hundred applications from 20 different countries. The proposals being taken forward will be revealed in September.

Coop Himmelblau
Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture

Astana Expo 2017 will follow the Milan Expo 2015, which is named Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life. The most recent Expos to take place were the Yeosu Expo 2012 in South Korea and the Shanghai Expo 2010, which featured Thomas Heatherwick's Seed Cathedral.

Shortlist for World Expo 2017
  • Mark

    There seems to be a lot of hot air and shiny waste on the theme of ‘Future Energy’.
    And if UNStudio is shortlisted, where is their proposal?

  • Papa Deedo

    They’re all terrible. I’d rather see Miley Cyrus do some twerking.

  • Marcel

    Disgusting competition, terrible proposals.

    • James

      Agreed, the proposals shown here are not so hot. But why is the competition disgusting? Kazakhstan, a nation that made it’s wealth on oil, and has among the highest oil reserves per capita of any country in the world, is trying to figure out a way to ween themselves off oil. And they are putting this problem in the hands of architects, to showcase the potential possibilities of future ways of living. It is well funded, with a sincere intention.

  • Kritik

    Can you guys please post your portfolio link. Thanks.

  • Quelle horreur.

  • min amisan

    They still have Expos?

  • Pierpaolo

    Somene’s lost it. Actually, all of them!