Botanical garden in Australia wins
World Landscape of the Year 2013


World Architecture Festival 2013: this year's award for the best landscape project at the World Architecture Festival has gone to a botanical garden at a former quarry in Australia.

The Australian Garden

Situated in a former sand quarry in Cranbourne, outside Melbourne, The Australian Garden was designed by landscape studio Taylor Cullity Lethlean and plant expert Paul Thompson.

The Australian Garden

The garden is laid out as a journey through Australian fauna, from the desert to the coast, set among buildings and beside artificial lakes.

The Australian Garden

The garden showcases 170,000 plants across 1700 species, and is used by both researchers and the public.

The Australian Garden

"This garden brilliantly summarises the great variety of Australian flora as well as the large part of the country which is arid desert," said the panel of judges. "Like a botanic garden, it is a collection of difference, but with a strong unifying set of journeys through the various landscapes.

The Australian Garden

"This landscape stood out with its originality and strong evocation of Australian identity without having to use any signs or words – just the beautiful flora of Australia’s countryside."

The Australian Garden

Last year the World Landscape of the Year title was given to a riverside park in Singapore.

The Australian Garden

World Building of the Year 2013 was awarded to the Auckland Art Gallery and World Interior of the Year 2013 was presented to a tiled apartment in Barcelona.

  • mwigle

    There needs to be a ban on publicly funded projects. How can the designs of privately funded projects compete with the nearly unlimited budgets government funded projects receive?

    This project looks absolutely jaw-droppingly beautiful. It breaks my heart to know it was paid for by Australian tax-payers. The best analogy that I can think of, are the massive parades and shows communist regimes put on to boost morale. In a world of starving and struggling people, how is this ethical to spend so much on making a garden this extremely expensive?

    • Craig

      $11,000,000 AUD for a 40ha garden is not what I would call a ‘nearly unlimited’ budget. What is remarkable is that the designers managed to achieve so much for such a limited budget.

      Consider this. The recently completed Eastlink freeway project in Melbourne cost $4.5 billion, or $55 million per kilometer. So what would you prefer, this garden, or 200 meters of road? Congratulations to the whole team!

  • Adam

    Cranbourne and surrounds is still one of the worst examples of urban sprawl in Australia.

  • Gary Walmsley

    You seem to be one hot-under-the-collar libertarian or something. “Liberty Disciple — or is that Zealot(?)’. The role of governments is to create public works —including gardens. I’m sure there was an open review process.