OMA completes
Shenzhen Stock Exchange


News: OMA has completed the Shenzhen Stock Exchange - a skyscraper with a skirt at the heart of the city's Central Business District (+ slideshow).

Shenzhen Stock Exchange by OMA

As one of OMA's best-known designs, the 250-metre skyscraper nicknamed "the miniskirt" features a three-storey podium that has been elevated 36 metres above the ground to sit around the body of the tower, creating a sheltered public plaza below and a roof garden on top.

Shenzhen Stock Exchange by OMA

This suspended structure provides the large trading rooms of the stock exchange, which are framed behind a sequence of zigzagging trusses that contrast with the grid of square windows on the building's main facades.

Shenzhen Stock Exchange by OMA

"The Shenzhen Stock Exchange embodies the Pearl River Delta's phenomenal transformation over the past thirty years," commented Rem Koolhaas, whose firm won a competition to design the building back in 2006.

Shenzhen Stock Exchange by OMA

He said: "We are greatly excited about the building from an architectural standpoint, but I believe its true significance emerges when viewed in an economic, political, and ultimately social context. We are immensely honoured to contribute to Shenzhen's twenty-first century landscape."

Shenzhen Stock Exchange by OMA

"It is exciting to see OMA's extensive research on Shenzhen materialise as a building in the city," added OMA partner David Gianotten. "The experience of building in Shenzhen further informs our vision for the future of the city. SZSE has a simple and powerful concept – it transcends a generic form into an innovative prospect through the simple gesture of lifting the podium."

Shenzhen Stock Exchange by OMA

The Shenzhen Stock Exchange is OMA's second major project to complete in China, following the CCTV Headquarters in Beijing.

Shenzhen Stock Exchange by OMA

The firm is also now working on a second Shenzhen tower - the 180-metre Essence Financial Building.

Shenzhen Stock Exchange by OMA

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Shenzhen Stock Exchange by OMA

Photography is by Philippe Ruault.

Here are some extra details from OMA:

OMA completes the Shenzhen Stock Exchange HQ in China

The new headquarters for the Shenzhen Stock Exchange (SZSE) has been completed in Shenzhen's Central Business District. The 180,000 m2 building is OMA's next completed building in China after the CCTV Headquarters in Beijing.

Shenzhen Stock Exchange by OMA

Defying the conventional building typology of tower-on-podium, SZSE's three-storey base is cantilevered 36m above the ground, allowing for a generous public space below and a lush roof garden on top. The raised podium contains the listing hall and offices of the Stock Exchange; in its elevated position, it can "broadcast" the activities of the stock market to the entire city.

Shenzhen Stock Exchange by OMA

While the generic square form of the tower blends in with the surrounding homogenous buildings, the façade of SZSE is differentiated through its materiality: a translucent layer of patterned glass wraps the tower grid and raised podium, rendering the façade mysterious and enigmatic, while revealing the construction behind. The façade changes continually with the weather, becoming a reflection of its environment.

Shenzhen Stock Exchange by OMA

The SZSE project was led by OMA partners Rem Koolhaas and David Gianotten, and associate Michael Kokora, in collaboration with partners Ellen van Loon and Shohei Shigematsu.

Shenzhen Stock Exchange by OMA

Construction was overseen by OMA Asia's Hong Kong office and OMA's on-site office in Shenzhen, working day-to-day with the client and contractors throughout the construction process. OMA's team consisted of over 75 architects at various points in the design and construction phases.

Shenzhen Stock Exchange by OMA

SZSE was developed in collaboration with the local design institute SADI, and consultants DHV, Inside Outside, L&B and Arup. OMA won the competition for SZSE in 2006 and construction began in October 2008. OMA is currently designing a number of other buildings in China, including the Tencent Headquarters in Beijing and the Prince Bay Masterplan in Shenzhen.

  • Chris MacDonald

    Up close it looks lovely in the photo’s, but from a distance it really is nothing short of a grey box.

  • Nettah Yoeli-Rimmer

    OMA continues its descent towards banal, nonsensical ugliness.

  • Tom

    I think the proportions could have been better. The parts together just don’t really fit nicely.

  • Massimo

    Kinda of Klassik. Seems to remind that a stock exchange market is serious stuff! It has a Soviet reminiscence of a future that never was and a subtle critic to all the Zaha-asters!

  • DL1119

    What cold and senseless architecture.

  • Felix Griggs

    It looks mean!

  • seb

    Uber-corporate and soulless.

  • Concerned Citizen



    Great! Dark and romantic at the same time. As strong as the stock exchange business is. Far better than Britney Spears architecture of BIG.

  • Floong

    If you look up the mini-skirt all you see is concrete.

  • Muschampion

    A soulless machine aesthetic…well, it certainly does a great job representing its client. Rem is my favourite critic.

  • T,.T

    Another perfect building for Tetris.

  • ted

    Christ, what has happened to OMA? A very cynical building.

  • Guest

    OMA’s descent into corporate soullessness is staggering. But at least the elitism is built into the architecture – very Citigroup Building. For much better work in China, see Steven Holl.

  • Gwen

    Incredibly sophisticated facade which almost merges concrete and glass, especially in the lobby the illusion of transparent concrete is wonderful.

    But on a larger scale quite brutal…

  • YSL

    Ugly. ALSO, it doesn’t look strong to carry that. it looks really stressful to carry the spare tire around the belly.

  • antonius

    Totally agree. I would replace romantic with poetic though.

    • Gary Walmsley

      Really?! What kind of poetry do you read? Industrial valve manuals?


    The Shenzhen SHOCK Exchange…

  • @MuseADIDA

    Really question OMA partner David Gianotten’s comment “SZSE … transcends a generic form.” The later – more accurate – “extra details from OMA” notes contradict this: “While the generic square form of the tower blends in with the surrounding homogenous buildings, the façade of SZSE is differentiated through its materiality: a translucent layer of patterned glass …”

  • Shane

    Is it my illusion or is it the photoshopping, but the cladding material seems to be semi-translucent?

    Can anyone tell what is the material?

    • mindaugas

      Cladding material is glass.

  • straight lines are harder

    Love it. So restrained, rigorous, dark and brooding. Muscular. Terrifyingly anonymous, in a good, sublime kind of way. An almost spiritual rendition of the aura of calculated capitalism.

  • not some dumb guy

    You people do realise that the building began being constructed in 2007 and was probably designed in 05/06, which at this time was more “modern” than most skyscrapers back then. Anyway these “modern” buildings these days look god awful. All these twists and turns and drastic looks aren’t necessary. They look rather stupid and more out of place than an emo kid in a prep school.

  • Gary Walmsley

    Yes — even without grey concrete, oppressive Brutalism is unfortunately all too alive and well.

  • Gary Walmsley

    Romantic? You find that grey, soulless mass romantic? What are you, a dungeon-master or an automaton?