Swing Bar by
Duffy London


Product news: furniture brand Duffy London has surrounded this bar with swinging seats instead of stools.

Swing Bar by Duffy London

Duffy London suspended 24 chairs around all four sides of the rectangular Swing Bar.

Swing Bar by Duffy London

Hung on thin wires from a freestanding frame, the chairs appear to float in midair.

Swing Bar by Duffy London

The steel bar is powder coated in white, black or combinations of the two, plus other options on request.

Swing Bar by Duffy London

Duffy London previously used the same concept for a boardroom meeting table and we've also published a swinging sofa.

Other bar designs that have featured on Dezeen include one set among ribbed timber framework and another made of 420 IKEA storage boxes.

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  • JM

    I don’t know what to think. It can be fun, it can be boring.

    • Cherif

      More importantly, I think it would be unpractical in reality. It’s not so easy to get on a swinging chair, especially when you have a desk or a counter very close in front of you.

      • Concerned Citizen

        Not to mention trying to get out when you have a few drinks in you.

  • ggg

    Next up is the slide & roundabout bar. Fun idea but you can’t swing properly because the bar is in the way!

  • rubbish

    I came into the post hoping it was going to be about something a bit more saucy… :(

  • max

    It’s really cool because you cannot interact with anyone but the one at your table. It looks like a kindergarten for an adult. Good job. Keep on destroying club and bar atmosphere.

  • Reynaldo Nicholson Coe

    Love the idea. Your inner child has fun and you get to have a drink.

  • Concerned Citizen

    The swing idea is cute, kind of. But the concept is poorly executed. The bar itself is a complete put-off. Then, it’s not accessible for the disabled. The whole kit and kaboodle tends to turn one away rather than invite one in. Visually oppressive.

    • ajmal

      Disabled can just park alongside with their wheelchairs. Problem solved.

  • Leiurus

    I think that any designer who designs bars on a regular basis has the intent sooner or later to come up with a concept that visually erases the stool legs, precisely to achieve this nice floating collar effect.
    However, we are all knock off by the fact that we can’t find a practical way to do it. As mentioned in the comments above, a bar is before anything else a social thing, and even if you want to drink your blues away alone in a corner, you should still feel comfortably seated.

    I thought someone came up with a great idea to solve this issue and I’m kind of disappointed. As cool as it looks, it is highly impractical. I don’t even want to imagine the disaster of customers trying to leave these seats in an (even slight) state of intoxication.

  • Concerned Citizen

    Not solved at all. The counter is at the wrong height, and there is no place along the bar without a swing.

  • DigitHAL 9000

    Same old stuff from Duffy London. For years they’ve been sending out these renderings with the same concept. First it was a meeting or dining table, now it’s a bar.

    Problems and criticisms are the same as always. No new solutions. Just copy and paste my previous opinion:

    “A swinging chair is fun the first time you see and use it, but unless you’re 15 years old or less, consider having to use it continuously, having to manage yourself between the swings to sit down and to get out from the table (‘get out’, not ‘stand up’).”

    Just adding the fact it is a BAR so you have to consider the need for SERVING people, bringing drinks and stuff between the ropes. Every waiter will love it, for sure.

  • Jack O’Keeffe

    It would be nicer to swing side-to-side, rather than forwards and back. Simply lock the top in place and use a stiff piece of material to hang the seat. Why?

    It would become much easier to get on and off, since it will not want to move backwards. It also means socialising, in a fun way and becomes easier with the person next to you. I have seen people many times in bars that are too worried about how to “open” a conversation with somebody sitting next to them. What better way than to “accidentally” nudge them with your seat?

  • DigitHAL 9000

    Anyway you could swing, it still sucks.