Foster's $5bn Apple Campus unanimously
approved by Cupertino City Council


News: here are images of Foster + Partners' latest design for the new $5bn Apple Campus 2, which was unanimously approved by Cupertino City Council last night (+ slideshow)

Fosters Apple Campus unanimously approved

Commissioned by late Apple CEO Steve Jobs, the 260,000 square-metre building, by British firm Foster + Partners, will take the form of a gigantic glass-and-steel hoop when completed in 2016. Parkland will both surround the building and fill its hollow centre.

Fosters Apple Campus unanimously approved

"Steve [Jobs] transformed Apple into one of the most innovative companies in the world and we understand the responsibilities that come from carrying his legacy forward with this project," Apple's head of real estate and facilities Dan Whisenhunt told the city council in a planning meeting last night. "We've designed it with the same care and attention to detail as we do with all Apple products."

Fosters Apple Campus unanimously approved

After six hours of debate, the entire council voted in favour of the project. The decision is final, pending a ten-day period for appeal, and will be formally announced on 15 November.

Fosters Apple Campus unanimously approved

The approval follows an identical decision from members of the city's planning commission, who voted on the proposals earlier this month after consultation with members of the local community.

Fosters Apple Campus unanimously approved

The Apple Campus 2 is set to be completed by 2016 and will be located a few blocks away from Apple's existing headquarters. It will accommodate up to 13,000 employees, providing office, research and development facilities alonngside a company fitness centre, a 1000-seat auditorium and a private park for staff.

Fosters Apple Campus unanimously approved

The project was in the news earlier this year, after reports suggested that projected costs had spiralled from $3 billion to nearly $5 billion.

Fosters Apple Campus unanimously approved

Photography is by Dai Sugano/Bay Area News Group.

  • Steeevyo

    Where are those $5bn hidden?

  • shaurz

    It’s like a circular version of the Pentagon.

    • gotgeometry?

      A circular version of a pentagon is called a circle.

  • David

    What’s $2bn here or there if the company has $130bn of straight cash just laying around and doing nothing?

  • R Gary Branchaud

    Hopefully all of that ‘dark roof’ is solar panels to generate power for that place, otherwise it’s just another ‘heat reflector’ replacing the heat-absorbing ‘dirt’ the building is placed over. If not, at least it could be a park or green area with H2o gathered by the roof to irrigate it. ALL buildings should be mandated to have these things. There’s Global Warming for god’s sake! When do we start designing roofs to stop being huge heat reflectors?

    • R Gary Branchaud

      Well that’s good news. Were it not, especially these days, I’d be shocked considering their high-profile example. All commercial (and domestic) roofs need to be built or retrofitted to be green or generating energy, as they cover millions of square miles of the earth and reflect heat, for the most part.

  • Andy

    The whole campus is apparently going to be “net-zero energy” due to having 700,000 square feet of rooftop solar panels.

    • R Gary Branchaud

      That’s a lot of sq ft! Gawd bless ’em!

  • krystof

    Fly perspective only?


    What a waste of space!

  • CFowler

    Apple scroll wheel!

  • Brook

    They are all solar panels. The roof will pay for the building eventually.

    • R Gary Branchaud

      I suppose it will, eventually. I wonder how many years of power savings will recoup $5bn? I doubt it will ever happen, but they are generating their own power, which is great.

  • Luke

    What happens if you’ve got to get from one side to the other? Have to go all the way around?

    • Petrus Palmér

      Cross the park, no?

    • Nick

      Jump on a Segway and roll, bitch!

    • R Gary Branchaud


  • Josh Nelson

    I think it is safe to say that one of Earth’s most brilliant and talented engineers and architects have throughly thought past the heat-island effect, R Gary Branchaud. Also black doesn’t reflect heat. It absorbs it, hence why energy efficient buildings are retrofitted with white roofs so that they can reflect the heat off of the building.

    Please do not post without better information. The concern is not heat reflection! This misinforms other people and doesn’t do justice to the “green cause”.

    • Phil Daniel

      Thank you Josh Nelson. R Gary Branchaud was so wrong. Also, he says, “ALL buildings should be mandated to have these things” and “all commercial (and domestic) roofs need to be built or retrofitted to be green or generating energy, as they cover millions of square miles of the earth and reflect heat, for the most part.” Who’s going to pay for this, and who’s going to enforce this, R Gary?

      • R Gary Branchaud

        I am not wrong. Who’s going to pay for it? We are paying NOW, Phil. We will be paying the rest of our lives as will our children and their children. When a dollar is more important than the planet or our environment, then I’m thinking someone’s thinking is somewhat askew.

    • R Gary Branchaud

      Thanks for straightening me out Josh. Where does the heat go after black ‘absorbs’ it? Does it disappear? Or does it radiate? I think my question was a valid one. Who’s going to pay for it? We are. We are paying now for the mistakes of ours and the past generations’ of know-it-alls.

      • Josh Nelson

        The heat island effect is something many cities and buildings battle with. It is absorbed and the buildings HVAC systems are worked harder to battle this heat. That is why it is often easier to reflect the heat off the building.

        The global warming refers to an elemental barrier in the atmosphere that traps the sun rays. No matter how big apple builds their office, it cannot compare to the entire surface of the planets heat being trapped.

        This is why gases like carbon and methane need to be reduced. Seeing as Apple is producing their own energy they aren’t really contributing to the carbon footprint except for the manufacturing of the solar cells. But any engineer will tell you that the OM of a building is a lot heavier than the initial build, so Fosters’ plan has offset the environmental costs for decades to follow.

        My suggestion, buy a bike and eat less meat.

    • R Gary Branchaud

      PS, I gave up my ‘worship’ of [fallible] human beings some time ago Josh. Take a look at all the ‘perfection’ our ‘cutting edge’ architects/leaders have given us so far.

      We were wining about this stuff way back in the 60’s! Did the ‘great ones’ pick it up? It’s taken decades and an emergency to get things moving. Don’t put me down. We find money for wars for the survival of our ‘democracy’ (26% federal budget = military.) I’d consider this a war for long term survival of the planet, but that’s just me… The old crank. ;)

      • Josh Nelson

        The 60s were a joke. Don’t even think pot smoking hippies were making a critical difference. While grass root initiates may help here and there, it is leaders like Foster + Partners that create buildings that can be used as precedence for revisions to the building code allowing more sustainable buildings.

        Your rant has extended beyond building design to war for oil. I cannot see the direct correlation. I do not accept you putting down companies and architects who are in fact taking the initiative to be more sustainable. By doing so you pollute the well.

        Keep fighting for a better planet, I appreciate that, but be informed because not being just provides fuel for the opposition.

  • James

    What if it’s raining?

  • Zoron

    Why not have a Foster Swiss Re in the centre of the ring?

  • Just a guy

    Foster + Partners must be making a killing on this. It appears to be essentially one well developed section extruded around a circular path. Kudos to them.

  • UrsusMichaelus

    Looks like a particle accelerator. I wonder if Steve had that in mind, consciously or unconsciously.

  • Gwignon

    Wasn’t the point of Neill Blomkamp’s movie that Elysium isn’t a very nice idea?

    • Michael

      If not Elysium, it looks like it should be the HQ for Nest.

  • Alphonse Gabriel Capone

    Why apple doesn’t give a Mac to each poor child?

  • Airborne

    It is amazing to see that in the US parking spaces often equals office space in size. Don’t they have bicycles or public transportation? If you want a green environment, start with the commute and leave your car at home.

  • david c.

    Where is the apple?

  • Johan

    Reminds me more of Prora than anything else.

  • Matthew Mueller

    I cannot help but think how “place-less” this building will feel. Sometimes purity equals soul-less.

  • beatrice

    And… do you know the work of Norman Foster?

  • aduy

    What next? Patents for circular donut shape buildings?