Zaha Hadid unveils design for
Qatar 2022 World Cup stadium


News: Zaha Hadid Architects has unveiled its design for the first of several new stadiums that will hold football matches during the Qatar 2022 FIFA World Cup.

Despite efforts to move the international football tournament to the winter, Zaha Hadid Architects is working alongside architecture and engineering firm AECOM to design a 40,000-seat venue that will be suitable for use during Qatar's hot summer climate.

Zaha Hadid unveils design for Qatar 2022 World Cup stadium

The stadium will be located in Al Wakrah, the southern-most city hosting the tournament. It is the first of up to nine stadiums that could be constructed in Qatari cities, with five expected to start on site next year.

According to project director Jim Heverin, the shape of the stadium will be based on the curved form of the Dhow - a type of Arabian fishing boat that can often be spotted at the town's harbour.

Zaha Hadid unveils design for Qatar 2022 World Cup stadium

This form will give the structure a curving roof intended to shield both players and spectators from the intense desert sunshine, which can cause temperatures to exceed beyond 50 degrees.

The architects also plan to combine mechanical air-conditioning with passive design principles to keep temperatures below 30 degrees.

During the tournament the venue will accommodate 40,000 spectators, but this will be reduced to 20,000 once the competition is over. Left-over seats will then be removed and shipped to developing countries.

Zaha Hadid is also currently working on a stadium for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, which recently came under fire after Japanese architects said it was too big.

Zaha Hadid unveils design for Qatar 2022 World Cup stadium

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      I thought the same thing! Beyond that though, as a female architect, perhaps, just perhaps, she is making a comment on the hundreds (if not thousands) of years of phallic architecture by her male counterparts?

      If she really is making a comment, she has redeemed herself in my eyes. But I get this strange feeling this may never be built if that’s the case.

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      I read a snippet of an interview with her where she was asked about this. I believe she said that the architect cannot be responsible for the labor practices of every nation they build in.

      • Steven Halliday

        I really hope that wasn’t her answer. This type of ‘not in my control’ response is absolute bullshit.

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    Apart from the fact this doesn’t have any extended walkways, the stadium looks pretty much identical to the Japan scheme. A scheme by the way, which has provoked such controversy, that other architects have publicly spoken out against the design.

    Obviously Japan and Qatar are sooooo similar in terms of climate, physical context, and cultural context that it’s only normal that these should look and function in the same way.

    Just to balance this out, there looks to be some perforated screens and the facade, that could be nice.

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  • Rodrigo Lopez

    Thanks for your take, Amy. It’s not every day that architectural visualisations like these, that we produced, permeate several news cycles around the
    world. But honestly, we’re not surprised. Not because of what Zaha Hadid designed, complete with her signature curves, but because visualisation is meant to instigate discussion – something we strive to do at Neoscape.

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