Garden flat in Lyon photographed
before and after a party


French studio Dank Architectes wanted to make this minimalist apartment they designed near Lyon look "more alive" in the photographs, so they staged scenes depicting the days before and after a messy party.

Garden flat in Lyon by Danke Architectes

Steven Guigoz of Dank Architectes told Dezeen they came up with the idea after paying the new owners a visit and finding the place in complete disarray. "It was a complete mess, with empty bottles of Champagne on the table and wrapping paper all over the floor," he said.

Garden flat in Lyon by Danke Architectes

"It was a nice surprise because when you manage a construction you're always trying to keep the building site as clean as possible until you deliver the project," he continued.

Garden flat in Lyon by Danke Architectes

The event prompted the architects to recreate the situation for a photoshoot. "Our idea was to try to make the architectural photos more alive by making the place look a little messier, contrasting with the minimalist aspects of the architecture we designed," said Guigoz.

Garden flat in Lyon by Danke Architectes

"In our mind it could be the day after a birthday party or New Year's Eve, but it doesn't really matter. We want people to ask themselves what happened, just like drunk people waking up and trying to remember what they did the night before," he added.

Garden flat in Lyon by Danke Architectes

Named Project Amou, the renovated two-storey apartment is home to a couple and their two children in a residential neighbourhood just outside the city.

Garden flat in Lyon by Danke Architectes

The architects removed the old partitions to create an open-plan living area on the ground floor and relocated one of the bedrooms to the first floor.

Garden flat in Lyon by Danke Architectes

A double-height living and dining room sits alongside a row of glass doors that open the interior out to the garden.

Garden flat in Lyon by Danke Architectes

A new grey-painted volume separates the entrance from a television room. A laundry room and closet are contained within it, while bookshelves and a study area are built into its external walls.

Garden flat in Lyon by Danke Architectes

The original staircase is replaced with a new metal structure that matches the family dining table.

Garden flat in Lyon by Danke Architectes

Photography is by Frenchie Cristogatin.

Here's a project description from Dank Architectes:

Project Amou

French architects Dank have renovated a 160 square meters garden flat in a residential neighbourhood close to Lyon to make it an open-plan apartment.

Garden flat in Lyon by Danke Architectes

The plans were designed for a couple with two children who wanted a loft conversion type with efficient use of space. The concept was to open up the ground floor by taking down the existing partitions wall and placing the bedrooms on the upper floor.

Garden flat in Lyon by Danke Architectes

On the ground floor the addition of a big grey structure in the middle divides the entrance at one end from a living room area on the other hand. This large grey piece of furniture then structure and give function to the remaining space: a wall of storage near the entrance a laundry and store room in the middle and a library in the more intimate space which is the living room.

Garden flat in Lyon by Danke Architectes

The dining room and the kitchen were placed close to the existing French windows facing the city skyline in a double height volume.

Garden flat in Lyon by Danke Architectes

The staircase was made from industrial beam (UPM), the step are made out of oak wood and varnished on the spot. The design of the dining table was made to echo the ironwork of the staircase so it doesn't look like usual furniture but becomes part of the apartment and "structures" the open-plan ground floor.

Garden flat in Lyon by Danke Architectes

The materials are polyurethane screed for the floor; MDF wood panel and laminated wood for the furniture; corian for the kitchen work plans, assembled parquet for the upper floor and the living room.

Garden flat in Lyon by Danke Architectes
Ground floor plan - click for larger image
Garden flat in Lyon by Danke Architectes
First floor plan - click for larger image
Garden flat in Lyon by Danke Architectes
Long section - click for larger image
Garden flat in Lyon by Danke Architectes
Cross section - click for larger image
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  • Yes. Wouldn’t it have been more fun to have had a real party, then photograph it after? Then the photos wouldn’t look so contrived. There is something about the way that the party string has been placed carefully on the banister that is very off-putting.

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    Not nearly enough alcohol, but a nice idea and well executed. More mess would have detracted from the photographs; there is just enough to make the idea work.

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