Football stadium by Rogers Stirk Harbour
+ Partners planned for Venezuela


News: London firm Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners has unveiled designs for a major new football stadium in Caracas, Venezuela.

First football stadium by Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners plannned for Venezuela

The Estadio Nacional de Fútbol de Venezuela will be the first football stadium designed by Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners.

Developed in collaboration with engineers Arup and Schlaich Bergermann und Partner, it will feature a brightly coloured circular roof that the architects refer to as a "bicycle wheel canopy".

First football stadium by Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners plannned for Venezuela

The building will be located at the top of a hill, overlooking the city centre to the north east.

"The hillside site created an unusual challenge and the design reflects this with terraces cut into the landscape giving way to a series of floating esplanades that provide access to the various levels of stadium," said Simon Smithson, the lead architect on the project.

First football stadium by Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners plannned for Venezuela

The stadium forms part of a wider masterplan by Richard Rogers' firm for the area known as La Rinconada, located approximately eight kilometres south west of the capital.

The architects had originally been commissioned to design a bus station replacing an existing facility, but the project later evolved to encompass a new transport interchange between the bus station and the existing metro and train station, as well as the establishment of a metropolitan park to protect the surrounding hillsides from further development.

First football stadium by Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners plannned for Venezuela

The football stadium will be located within the park alongside a new baseball stadium, while an existing racecourse designed by Californian architect Arthur Froehlich in the 1950s will be retained.

  • Dillon Garrett

    Is this an actual render? The colour on the roof doesn’t look real.

    • stuart gardyne

      No Dillion, it’s a photograph of the completed building. What do you think it is? Excuse the sarcasm. Since when was a render of an architect’s concept design supposed to look real?

    • Pedro Morales Cuevas

      It is a horrible render. It doesn’t look nice.

  • Henry L

    Looks like someone got some felt-tip pans for Christmas!

    • Rex Racer

      Oh yeah, felt tip pans are great for, hmmmm… making great cookies!

  • Andreas

    Looks like the colours were done in Paint.

  • Chris MacDonald

    Underwhelming. Or it could just be the generally average imagery. The section is nice though.

  • Luis Castro

    REALLY? Latin american countries always hire foreign architects and never give a chance to local firms.
    I am sure that a local architect could have done this WAY better.

    • sor perdida

      Luis, it would have been much nicer if these countries were better at spotting and promoting to fame these local architects, so that the whole world could take pride in their work. My advice also goes to European countries.

    • Pedro Morales Cuevas

      I couldn’t agree more.

  • Grapes

    It looks dated already.

    • Bea Petersen

      Agreed, this will be a good idea for about ten minutes.

      • h30

        No it wont.

  • Dan

    Looks like someone forgot to render the roof and left it in shaded mode.

  • dan

    The renderings are hilarious!

  • h30


  • papou

    It’s so easy to criticise. Come on and make a stadium… If you can. Love this project personally, and I think you should go beyond the renders and analyse the architecture, the landscaping, the lightness of the roof.

    • stuart gardyne

      Hear hear.

  • adam

    Echo of the 2012 Olympic stadium.

  • sor perdida

    Shallow enough yet never more important than today, it seems like the whole debate revolves around the quality of the renders. It’s a perfect marriage. Roger’s signature yellow and the traditional Venezuelan dress. I enjoy it against the mountainous site, not to mention the breathtaking views one might get on the stepped podium/platforms.

  • Un-believer

    Haven’t they done their due diligence properly? The Venezuelan government – the client – is bankrupt!

  • Carlos David

    Some people are intrigued by the bycicle wheel roof. It looks as if it is straight out of Carlos Cruz Diez studio. Is he involved? Will it really have those garish colours?

  • Justin

    This is not normal ugly, it’s super ugly!

  • Ivan

    I kind of feel we have a bunch of unhappy graphic designers and visualizers here. Please now each of you send us the links to your ‘fantastic’ work that will never be criticised and names of the companies where you are employed. Because they guys who did those renders work for an amazing practice and do their job very well!

    • dan

      I’m neither unhappy or either of those, just pointing out that the rendering of that roof is not up to any kind of professional standard – it does look like a mistake and in most rendering programs I know it would be hard to make something look so unrealistic. I don’t hate the stadium (although I think it’s pretty generic), but I find it hard to take seriously given the lack of care in presenting it. I’m guessing you might be a little biased somehow.

      • amsam

        AHHH! “It would be hard to make something look so unrealistic.” So THINK, my friend, please try to think about that fact! The rest of the rendering, with the exception of the roof, is very naturalistic. The roof colors alone are much more artificial. WHY do you think they did that? You don’t need to like it, or like their reasons, but why not try to think about what they might be after? It’s such a shame that so many commenters seem unable to perceive this as a deliberate choice, and then address that choice.

  • Cristina

    Im not criticising the architecture but I am sure this will never get built. Projects like this in Venezuela are always used as political propaganda and that’s about it. Also, football games are never sold out in the current, smaller stadium. It seems ridiculous that they would need a new one with that capacity. It is really absurd that a country with so much poverty and corruption would even think to hire a foreign architect to do this.

  • baj

    I think that the strong coloured origami roof is fantastic and dynamic. The people moving along the roads on the upper slopes will look down and see the colours progressively revealed and concealed as they move and the bicycle wheel “rotates”.

    What’s wrong with strong colours? It is a Rogers trademark. And it looks great in his other buildings.