World's first knitted football boot
announced by Adidas


Sports brand Adidas has created the world's first football boot to have an upper knitted entirely from yarn (+ slideshow).

World's first knitted football boot announced by Adidas

Adidas' limited-edition Samba Primeknit boot is said to offer the same levels of strength and stability as conventional boots, while using fewer materials and weighing less.

World's first knitted football boot announced by Adidas

Using yarn means that the shoe doesn't produce any waste material, making the Primeknit the company's most sustainable football boot according to a press statement.

Adidas Samba Primeknit_dezeen_3

Football boots are traditionally made by stitching and laminating pieces together. However in this case, a single piece of yarn is knitted and attached to the sole of the shoe. By using just one textile layer, the upper material is reduced to a minimum - meaning the boot weighs just 165 grams.

World's first knitted football boot announced by Adidas

"By producing the world's first knitted football boot we have provided a brand new solution to the search for higher levels of comfort and flexibility," said Markus Baumann, senior vice-president for global football at Adidas.

World's first knitted football boot announced by Adidas

Developed over the course of two years, each piece of yarn is coated in a water-resistant polymer to ensure the boot doesn't become waterlogged when wet.

World's first knitted football boot announced by Adidas

Designers also created specific zones on the fabric to increase flexibility or stability depending on which part of the boot the yarn is located.

World's first knitted football boot announced by Adidas

Although the technology has already been used in Adidas' range of running shoes, plus Nike's Flyknit footwear launched two years ago, the increased demands on the upper that playing football brings meant that further development of the material was required before it could be used for the sport.

Adidas Samba Primeknit_dezeen_2

"Primeknit is a technology that is right at the heart of Adidas innovation and we're excited about introducing this development into football," Baumann continued.

Adidas Samba Primeknit_dezeen_1

The colour - a mix of blue, orange, pink and lime green - is a reflection of the colour schemes currently used in Adidas' Samba range, released ahead of the 2014 FIFA World Cup taking place in Brazil this summer.

World's first knitted football boot announced by Adidas

The boot will be available from 17 March, with only 150 pairs due to go on sale.

  • Nick

    Looks-wise, I think this is great. Presumably it’s pretty breathable too, which would be great in the summer. Plus the lightness and efficiency of the manufacturing – as well as not needing to raise cattle for leather, which some boots still use – is brilliant.

    Three things though:
    a) Although the yarn is impregnated with a water-resistant polymer to stop the yarn getting waterlogged, presumably in wet weather water can still get between the yarn, soak into the soak and make your feet cold and wet? So it’s not a winter boot.

    b) Football boots take a real hammering. Will the yarn fray over time? All boots wear out, but how long until the yarn looks horrible?

    c) How do you clean these? Because you can’t polish them like you would a normal leather boot. My guess is that you’ll just sponge them down with soapy water and let them dry out, which would make sense.

    Sorry to be a misery guts, but I think that at this current stage these are great for spring/autumn on a relatively dry pitch. If anyone’s able to answer the questions though, that’d be great. Either way, I’d happily have a pair of these, I’d just need to pick when I used them.

  • gio

    These seem like a good idea from a sustainability standpoint, but as a player, I think I will go home with a sore foot from kicking the ball in these. This isn’t the NFL, kicks don’t only happen 4 times per game. I don’t think these are actually good as protection from the toll the ball puts on our feet.